About Fascinating Sky

Fascinating Sky is an award-winning cooking site with thousands of hungry readers every month. Our audience comes to us for thoroughly tested recipes, the best cooking methods, informative cooking equipment reviews, and cultural/historical stories behind the foods we love to eat.

Since its formation several years ago, Fascinating Sky editorial staff and contributors have included professional chefs, home cooks, recipe developers, health practitioners, and even photographers.

Our editorial team has worked for publications like The New York Times, Saveur, Food & Wine, and America’s Kitchen. Also, the team has worked in restaurants, and others have attended culinary learning institutions.

Beyond that, we are a group of food enthusiasts. We dive deep, do things right, and leave no stone unturned in all matters related to food, cooking, recipes, cookware, and grills.

Meet Our Team

Catherine Snowden

Catherine Snowden, Editor in Chief

Catherine is the editor-in-chief of Fascinating Sky. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Culinary Arts from Central Washington University and a master's in Culinary Arts & Kitchen Management from the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts of Sant Pol De Mar.

Since the inception of the Fascinating Sky site, Catherine has been writing recipes, equipment reviews, cooking techniques, cookware reviews, cooking tips, and so much more for this site.

Before joining Fascinating Sky, Catherine was a food editor in the Food and Wine magazine. Also, before joining food media, Catherine worked in different restaurants focusing mainly on American, French, and Italian cuisine. Her career started in her childhood—her father was a renowned chef.

Email: fascinatingskyofficial@gmail.com

Alice Eldridge

Alice Eldridge, Deputy Editor

Alice is the deputy editor of Fascinating Sky. Before joining Fascinating Sky, she worked for Southern Living, Cooking Light, Saveur, and Bon Appetit.

Alice’s byline has appeared in many print and digital publications. Also, she has appeared on TV severally as a judge during cooking competitions.

Earlier in her career, she was a line cook at Chef Barbuto in New York City and a reporter at Durham, North Carolina.
Kristina Suarez

Kristina Suarez, Content Strategist

Kristina is a content strategist at Fascinating Sky. She has over ten years of culinary experience in cooking, baking, and managing beverage & food operations in professional kitchens. She has worked in Texas, New York City, and Boston.

Before joining Fascinating Sky, Kristina worked as a line cook, kitchen supervisor, pastry chef, and assistant culinary teacher. In addition, she holds an MS in Sustainable Food Systems and a diploma in Culinary Arts.

Paul Handelsman

Paul Handelsman, Updates Editor

Paul is the Updates Editor at Fascinating Sky. His works have appeared in The Take Out, The Washington Post, Michelin Guide, Fodor’s Travel, Wine Enthusiast, and more.

Besides being a writer and editor, Paul says he loves dumplings, photography, and small airports but is allergic to a grasshopper (the insect and not the beverage). In addition to being a writer, Paul holds a master's degree in psychology and has worked in several mental health clinics.

Our Process

Our Process

Our content is a reflection of the people who create it. We boast highly authentic staff who live and breathe food, cooking, grills, and cookware.

Instead of choosing regular writers and having them write on recipes and everything else to do with cooking, we prioritize extensive culinary skills and cooking experience when hiring.

Every recipe published on Fascinating Sky is tested 1 to 4 times in our test kitchens. Trained test kitchen staff prepare each recipe and taste it.

Other people working in our test kitchens include food stylists, registered dieticians, and professional photographers.

We don’t publish a recipe until we are certain that it is the tastiest version out there. Also, we constantly update our old recipes with new improvements and techniques based on further testing and suggestions from our esteemed readers.

Then we have our test labs, where we test cooking tools from pellet grills to air fryers. We start by buying the products or requesting testing samples.

We then test the kitchen tools, testing each tool beyond its ordinary home use. After that, we send the products to our network of expert testers who rigorously examine the products in their homes.

Our readers expect content from true professionals, and we deliver exactly that.

The process doesn’t end there; after our testers test recipes and kitchen tools, we then take considerable time to convert the test results into helpful content.