Chuck Eye Vs Ribeye: Which One Is Perfect for Your Recipe?

If you are new to meat terminologies, you might end up just buying any piece of meat. Well, from this moment henceforth, matters to do with steaks will be at your fingertips. 

The first thing you need to realize is that there are different types of steaks. Some of the cuts you might come across include brisket, foreshank, short plate, rump cap, sirloin, chuck eye, and ribeye.

Now, today we shall see two types of these steaks, namely chuck eye vs ribeye. Get a glass of your favorite drink and your eyeglasses if you need them because we are now going deep!

chuck eye vs ribeye

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I know what has just passed through your mind like lightning after reading the term "chuck eye." Well, we are not speaking about an animal's eyeballs or eyelashes here. Chuck eye refers to that meat section above an animal's front legs. 

Most people refer to the chuck eye as the "poor man's ribeye." This is because the chuck eye is a cut next to ribeye, i.e., from the fifth rib, and is less expensive compared to ribeye. However, the flavor of the two types of cuts is almost similar since they sit next to each other.

The chuck eye is a working muscle. This means that it is tough and has minimal traces of fat. Some people prefer to turn it into ground beef to make hamburgers, while others cook it at slow heat for several minutes to soften it.

The Taste of the Chuck Eye

The chuck eye has almost the same great flavor as ribeye. The only difference between the chuck eye and ribeye is that the former is tougher than the latter. However, sometimes it's impossible to differentiate between the two, especially when a professional cook cooks.

how to grill chuck eye steak

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Cooking Method of the Chuck Eye

Here are the steps to follow when cooking the boneless chuck eye steak:

● Season the beef chuck generously with pepper and kosher salt. This helps draw water from the meat and give it a crisper crust.

● Put the uncovered meat in the refrigerator for 24 hours. If you can't refrigerate it for that long, you can place it in the fridge for a shorter period, like four hours before cooking.

● You can then grill your meat or use the following sous vide cooking method to prepare it.

Sous Vide cooking method

Sous vide refers to placing your beef steak in an airtight bag and putting it in hot temperature-controlled water. You can use a stove and a pot to prepare your meat.

Here are the sous vide steps you will need to follow:

● Fill your pot with the right amount of water. 

● Place your beef chuck eye in an airtight bag.

● Heat your water and ensure it remains at a constant temperature level by using a thermometer.

● Place the bag that has the meat on the hot water and peg the bag on either side of the pot. Ensure that the bag doesn't touch the bottom of the cooking pot.

● Allow the steak to cook for several minutes, then remove it from the fire when it is done.

● Allow the beef steak to rest for about 5 minutes for a slight drop in its temperature.

● Finally, you can smoke it on a hot grill.

chuck eye vs ribeye

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What is Ribeye?

Most people call it the rib eye. Unlike the chunk eye that most often ends up in the homes of the butchers, the rib eye is common in many food joints and homes. It comes from the sixth and 12th rib and has fat stripes, especially at the top.

What about the rib eye steak you see labeled as "bone-in" or "boneless" at the meat shops? Ribeye is boneless. Hence, the "bone-in ribeye" is not ribeye but rib steaks.

Sometimes, it isn't easy to differentiate between the chuck eye center steak and the ribeye by mere physical observation. They seem alike through their majestic swirls of fat in between the muscles similar to the shape of an eye.

The Taste of Ribeye

Ribeyes are tender and juicy, especially those at the middle of the beef cut. The cut parts that are a bit further away from the middle are tougher.

Don't shy away from the traces of fat in the ribeye cap. The moderate amounts of fat make the steak tender while giving it a great flavor.

what is ribeye

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Cooking Method of Ribeye

Ribeye steak is super versatile; you can cook it using different methods and get your desired great taste. You are assured of a mouthwatering flavor, whichever way you choose to cook your rib eye.

However, I would recommend using an offset smoker to cook your ribeye. I know you are already asking yourself, "what is an offset smoker?". An offset smoker is a cooker with a cooking cabinet linked to a firebox used to give a smokey flavor to the meat.

Here are some simple steps to follow when smoking your ribeye in the offset smoker:


● Some eye of ribeye (4 steaks)

● Extra virgin oil

● Cracked black pepper

● Kosher salt

● Hickory wood chips or cherry

● Some dried seasonings such as onion powder, garlic, or some jarred seasoning rub (but adding these seasonings is optional)

how to grill chuck eye steak

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● Place the ribeye steaks on a chopping board and rub every one of its sides with EVOO

● Season the steaks generously with pepper, salt, and any other dried seasoning that you like

● Remove the rack from your charcoal smoker and place your seasoned eye of ribeye steaks on it as you prepare to preheat your cooker

● Add wood chips or charcoal to the tray of the offset smoker, place some water in the bowl and preheat to a temperature of 220 degrees Fahrenheit

● Take your rack together with the seasoned steaks placed on it and put them in the smoker

● Smoke the ribeye steaks for forty-five minutes

● Check meat temperature using a meat thermometer

● Ensure the temperature is at 125 degrees Fahrenheit or 145 degrees Fahrenheit and keep smoking

● Remove the steaks from the smoker and place them on a tray or a chopping board

● Fold your smoked meat with foil and give it a ten minutes break

● Serve as whole steaks or slice them into smaller pieces

● Enjoy your smoked ribeye steaks with your favorite sauce or sides

chuck eye vs ribeye

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Preparation time 

5 minutes

Smoke time 

1 hour

Total time required

1 hour 5 minutes

Total serves 

4 people

Difference Between Chuck Eye and Ribeye 

● Chuck eye is a cut of meat from the fifth rib, while the ribeye is cut from the sixth to the twelfth rib of the animal.

● It is not easy to find chuck eye center steak in supermarkets as with ribeye; chuck eye is mainly found only in butcher shops.

● Ribeye is easy to cook, while chuck eye requires slower cooking.

● Chuck eye is often bought boneless, while ribeye is usually purchased with bone-in

● Ribeye is tender, while chuck eye is a bit tough.

● Chuck eye is most often cheaper than ribeye.

chuck eye vs ribeye

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1. Is chuck steak the same as chuck eye steak?

Although the two steaks are cut from the same place, chuck steak is not as tender as chuck eye steak.

2. What is the other name for chuck eye steak?

Other names of chuck eye steak include beef chuck eye, boneless chuck fillet steak, boneless steak bottom chuck, boneless chuck slices, chuck roll, chuck fillet, English steak, Delmonico steak, London broil half-cut, and shoulder steak.

3. Is ribeye better than filet mignon?

Although ribeye and fillet mignon are some of the most expensive cuts, there exist some significant differences between the two. People prefer ribeye due to its rich flavor, while fillet mignon is liked for its great texture.

4. How do you make your ribeye steak soft?

You can make your beef cut tender by pounding it, especially in lumpy areas. This breaks the meat a bit and makes it easier to cook.

what is ribeye

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Chuck Eye Vs. Ribeye; Which One Will You Buy?

Now, choosing between these two siblings is often not easy. Ribeye will be the ideal choice for roasted meat since chuck eye is better when cooked as stew meat.

However, if you operate within a low budget, the chuck eye will be the real deal. Count yourself lucky when the butcher man forgets to keep the chuck eye steak aside for his family.


Research published by Statista in July 2021 indicated that beef steaks were in high demand in 2020 in the US. During that particular year, 203 million US residents used beef steak. This means that many people largely embrace beef steaks.

So, go right ahead and pick your favorite cut between chuck eye vs. ribeye with all boldness. Head over to your kitchen and turn the cut into a mouthwatering meal using the recipe prescribed for your particular cut.

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