Egg Genius Vs Flame Boss 500: Everything You Need to Know to Pick One?

One of the simplest cooking methods in modern times is smoking, thanks to the advanced smoking technology. So, nothing can stop you from enjoying some smoke flavor in your meat any day.

However, you can't enjoy simplified smoking without first facing the battle between Egg Genius Vs Flame Boss 500.

With these two smoker temperature controllers, you can enjoy the latest smoking technology like WiFi, accurate readings, voice commands, and innovative design.

In this guide, we shall be seeing both Egg Genius and Flame Boss 500 temperature controllers in detail. Also, we shall look at how these two smoker controllers compare with each other.

So, let's get started!

egg genius vs flame boss 500

A barbeque party can make your head spin, especially if your grill demands you stay next to it to avoid extreme egg temperature variations.

However, you just set and go with the Egg Genius temperature controller. This way, you can have a wonderful time with family and friends as you wait to treat them to a juicy smoked meal.

Hereunder, we will be looking at the Egg Genius temperature controller's unique features that make it a highly sought-after device. Also, we shall see the simple steps of using this heat controller and its pros and cons.

Accurate readings

One of the features that have earned the Green Egg Genius bbq temperature controller an excellent reputation is its precise temperature control. You don't need guesswork to tell if food is cooked or not.

Industrial-duty temperature probes

The Big Green Genius comes with two industry-duty temperature probes which provide accurate temperature readouts. These probes can read up to 500°F.

One more thing, you can use up to three meat probes at a go with the big green egg automatic temperature control. So, you can purchase one more meat probe and the Y-cable separately.

egg genius vs flame boss

Remote control

With the Egg genius, you don't have to stay next to your smoker to monitor the cooking temperatures. Instead, you can easily remotely monitor and control these temperatures on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Quick alerts and graphs

You receive alerts when your food attains the desired temp or when done. In addition, you will receive alerts whenever there are extreme cooking temperature variations like sudden temperature drops or very high pit temperatures.

Also, you can monitor the cooking progress on a graph from the comfort of your couch using a mobile app.

Temperature change

Apart from getting an alarm when food is done, the controller will also start bringing down the internal temperature to prevent the food from being overcooked.

In addition, the Egg genius will detect when you open the dome, which will cause it to turn off the fan.

egg genius temperature controller

Variable-speed blower

The blower feeds lighted charcoal with air, ensuring that you quickly achieve the desired heat. Also, the heat controller revises its blower speed when the smoker reaches the desired cooking temperature.

Continuous temperature management despite a power outage

The Egg genius bbq controller continues monitoring the temperature of the cook chamber even when there is a power outage. After the power is restored, the WiFi connection resumes immediately.


This is a rare feature in many temp controllers. However, the Egg Genius comes with a one-year warranty. Thus, you have full coverage for a whole year in case of any challenge with your temp controller.

How to Use Egg Genius

The Egg Genius allows you to control the pit temperature from a smart device. This way, you can carry on with your other chores as your meals are smoking.

Here are the steps you will follow when using your Egg Genius:

1.  Plug the Egg Genius temperature controller into the power source

2.  Download the Big Green Egg App

3.  Wait for a slow green blinking light

4.  Follow app prompts

5.  Open the smoker lid

6.  Light your charcoal

7.  Put in place the adapter plate

8.  Insert the Egg Genius temp controller and connect thermometers to your meat cuts

9.  Set the temperature on the Egg Genius App

Egg Genius Pros & Cons


  • Easy blower assembly
  • Accurate cooking temperature readings
  • Can read up to 500°F
  • Can automatically lessen internal temperature when food is done
  • Food temperature graphs for better monitoring


  • A bit expensive
  • A few challenges when connecting Egg Genius to WiFi

Flame Boss 500 Review

how to use egg genius

One more thing, this temperature controller allows you to use up to three meat thermometers without using the Y-cable. Thus, you can shop for more if you need precise temperature control on several cuts of meat.

There is nothing more frustrating than having major temperature fluctuations during a long cook. But, on the other hand, you don't want poorly cooked meals, nor would you like to waste your expensive cuts of meat.

Now, to be on the safe side when smoking your food, the Flame Boss 500-WiFi smoker controller will be of great help. Like its relative, the Egg Genius, you just set and go.

Let's now see the features that make the flame boss 500-wifi smoker controller an excellent lifetime partner for your smoker. Also, we will see how to use it and its pros and cons.

Blower fan and grill adapters

The Flame Boss 500 WiFi controller has a variable blower fan that provides precise cooking temperatures.

In addition, this temperature controller comes with different grill adapters, which makes it possible to use the controller with different smokers and grills.

Also, there are two options to choose from when you are buying Flame Boss 500: a temperature controller that comes with a kamado kit or one with a universal adapter. 


Flame Boss 500 has one high-temperature pit probe and one high-temperature meat probe. Also, there are two probe cable organizers included in the package.

These thermometers come in ample lengths to ensure that they sit comfortably inside the smoker while connected to the temperature controller.

One more thing, this temperature controller allows you to use up to three meat thermometers without using the Y-cable. Thus, you can shop for more meat probes if you need precise temperature control on several cuts of meat.

myflame boss

Myflame boss mobile app

This app will allow you to monitor both meat and BBQ pit temperatures throughout a cooking session.

This app will send you text alerts whenever the temperature controller has issues maintaining the desired heat level.

Just imagine going to sleep when your smoker is cooking on its own with the help of the temperature controller. You can sleep peacefully since you have nothing to worry about.

Voice command control

Besides having the mobile app, you can also control your temp controller without raising your finger. Hassle-free smoking indeed! You enjoy using the Google Home commands and Amazon Alexa commands to control your cook easily.


Now that your temperature controller doesn't weigh much, what will keep it in place when you are grilling in windy weather? This is a significant concern among many smoker users when shopping for a temperature controller.

However, Frame Boss 500 comes with a magnetic base that allows it to stay in place. So, during the windy days, you can place the temp controller on a firm metallic surface, and you are assured of smooth temp control and monitoring.


Flame Boss WiFi 500 controller comes with a one-year warranty. Also, you can make use of the thirty-day return policy if you are unhappy with the product.

How to Use Flame Boss 500

It is easy to set up the Flame Boss 500. Here are the steps:

1.  Download Amazon Alexa and Google Home

2.  Insert the stainless-steel adapter plate before inserting the blower

3.  Close the vents partially

4.  Hook the pit probe on the cooking grate

5.  Insert meat probes into your meat cuts

Flame Boss 500 Pros & Cons


  • Easy installation
  • Easy flame boss BGE temperature control
  • Accurate temperature management with many smokers
  • Low and slow smoking made easier
  • Sizeable screen for clear readouts
  • Excellent customer support


  • Sometimes it's not easy to connect to WiFi


Egg Genius

Flame  Boss 500

temperature control big green egg
flame boss 500-wifi smoker controller

Thermometer probes

Two included

Two included

WiFi supported



Compatible with

Kamado Kit is compatible with:

· Big Green Egg

· Primo grills

· Kamado Joe

· Grill Dome

· Saffire Grill and smoker

· Classic Broil King Keg

· Char-Griller Akorn Kamado (2000 and   4000)

· Vision grills


The universal adapter is compatible with:

· Char-Broil charcoal grills (all sizes)

· Weber Smokey Mountain  (all sizes)

· Weber Kettle

· Char-Griller barrel and offset smokers (all sizes)

· Most  cabinet and drum smokers

· All smokers with ball valve and pipe fitting intake valves

The hallmarks

Accuracy, user friendly

Innovative design, patented technology, easy to use

Special features

Remote temperature management, Up to 500°F temp readouts

Amazon Alexa and Google Home



1. Is Flame Boss 500 worth it?

Yes, this smoker temperature controller is worth every coin you spend purchasing it.

From its innovative design, latest technology, ease of use, and constant software updates, Flame Boss is committed to giving you a fantastic lifetime smoking experience. 

2. Is Egg Genius waterproof?

The egg genius temperature controller has a plastic control unit. However, this doesn't mean that the temperature controller is waterproof.

3. Does Egg genius need to be plugged in?

It's not a must to keep your Egg genius plugged in. This temperature controller has a rechargeable battery pack that can handle even the long cooks.

4. How long does the Egg Genius battery Last?

The Egg Genius battery can last between 12 to 15 hours of cook time. This means that you can grill away from power sockets and don't even have to worry about the slow and long cooks. 

5. Which is the best temp controller for Big Green Egg?

You can choose between Egg Genius, Flame Boss 500, and BBQ Guru smoker automatic temperature control. These three options provide excellent pit and meat temperature management.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, both the Egg Genius and Flame Boss 500 are great temperature controllers with many features in common; this can make choosing between the two hard.

However, it's good to note that Flame Boss 500 stands out in the Egg Genius Vs Flame Boss 500 smoker temperature controller battle. This is due to its continued emphasis on the latest cooking technology, ease of use, and innovative design.

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