How to Calibrate Kamado Joe Thermometer

Inaccurate temperature readings in a Kamado Joe grill can be frustrating. Imagine your expensive meat cuts getting burnt because you relied on an erroneous probe. How about having undercooked food because the pit probe gave you a wrong reading?

You can solve the above problems by testing your grill thermometer and calibrating it if it turns out inaccurate or replacing it if it is faulty.

So, whether you have a brand new kamado joe grill or you are using an old one, you have to be sure about the accuracy of its probe.

In this article, I will take you through the steps on how to calibrate the Kamado Joe thermometer and everything else you need to know about dome thermometer calibration.

What is Thermometer Calibration?

To calibrate a thermometer means to fine-tune it to provide a precise measurement. A good thermometer reading should not exceed a +/- 0.5°C variation from the actual grill temperature.

Why You Should Calibrate Your Reference Thermometer

Three things can make your kamado joe too hot or cool. These factors include inaccurate probe readings and the amount of fuel and air intake.

So, calibrating your pit thermometer will ensure that you get the correct information related to pit temperature. Also, calibration will ensure you get accurate food temperature when using a food probe.

how to calibrate kamado joe thermometer

What Makes a Cooking Thermometer Inaccurate?

Unlike your Kamado Joe grill, the dome thermometer is highly sensitive.

Some of the things that can tamper with kamado joe thermometer accuracy include:

● Frequent probe movements from hot to cold environments

● Placing it on direct heat 

● Aging

● Hitting it against a hard surface like JJ George kamado joe jr table, wall or floor

Calibration for Temperature Accuracy

There are two ways to calibrate your smoker thermometer: the ice water bath and the boiling water process. Let's go through these two ways in detail.

Iced water bath

1. Place several ice cubes in a glass, then top it up with cold water to fill all the spaces left by the ice cubes

2. Stir the content in the glass to ensure the water gets to 0°C (32°F)

3. Place the stem of the thermometer in the ice water

4. The temperature reading on the probe should be 0°C (32°F).

If the reference thermometer doesn't read 0°C (32°F), reach out to the hex nut under the dial. Then, turn the nut until it reads the correct temperature, i.e., 0°C (32°F).

Boiling water process

A kamado joe wireless thermometer doesn't have markings for temperatures below 150°F. So, what now? We rule out the ice bath for the Kamado Joe dome probe and use the boiling water process.

However, you can use the ice bath with other dial or pocket thermometers.

Here are the simple steps you will follow when calibrating your handy dome thermometer:

1. Open your grill lid. On the inner part of the lid, you will find a nut and a washer that help keep the probe in place. Unscrew the nut while holding the washer in one hand and the other hand holding the dial.

2. Once you have removed the bimetallic thermometer, carry it to the kitchen. Boil a pot of water (water boils at 100°C). Place the stem of your probe in the boiling water.

3. If you don't get a 100°C readout on the probe extension, then it's time to calibrate your probe.

4. To calibrate your probe, grab a flat head screwdriver and turn the adjustment screw located on the backside of the probe until you get a 100°C reading. Remember to have some heat-resistant gloves on when at this.

heat-resistant gloves
kamado joe digital thermometer

Boiling water tips

1. Ensure you have a rolling boil and not simmering

2. The altitude of your location will determine the boiling point of water; the higher you are above sea level, the lower the air pressure. As a result, water will boil below 100°C at high altitudes.

For example, Denver, Colorado, is located around 5,000 feet above sea level. As a result, water in this place boils at 95°C (203°F).

So, it will be good to keep in mind that for every 500 feet increase in altitude, there will be a 0.25°C(0.5°F) drop in the water boiling point.


1. Which is the best kamado joe replacement thermometer?

Vankey BBQ grill thermometer is the best replacement temperature gauge for your ceramic grill. 

This thermometer has an extra-large stainless-steel surface, water-proof glass, and a large temperature range. Also, this probe senses temperatures quickly and accurately and is easy to install in your kamado grill.

2. What makes smoked meat rubbery?

Too much moisture loss when smoking will make your meat dry and tough. To prevent this, you will need to maintain a consistent low temperature in the smoker.

3. How do you arrange lump charcoal in a charcoal grill?

Fill ¾ of the charcoal box with a mix of unlit lump charcoal and smoking wood, then place lit coals on top. Add some more unlit charcoal and wood chips on top.

4. Why do I have too much smoke on my food?

Too much smoke can make your meat tough or interfere with the food flavor. To be safe, wait until the smoke has turned thin blue before placing food in the smoker.

Final Word

Remember to keep your probes accurate the same way you love keeping your utensils clean and your kitchen knives sharp.

Ensure you calibrate your thermometers once per month. Other instances that will require you to test and calibrate your thermometer immediately include when you hit it against a hard surface or when new.

You can follow the above straightforward process on how to calibrate the Kamado Joe thermometer for an excellent barbeque experience. 

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