How To Use Pit Boss Smoke It App?

Are you looking to do something while your food smokes and grills with that natural woody taste? Good. Here is how! The solution is in the innovative digital Smoke It App.

This App is designed for you to control your grill using Bluetooth technology and wifi to enhance your grilling experience. You can manage both your Pit Boss grill and your Louisiana grill from this smart device. You can do it from a distance too!

It is now extremely easy to control and monitor your grill temperatures and the doneness of your food while, at the same time, you are watching your favorite game or movie or dancing a jig! Imagine that.

Now, let's take a look at this modern technology device and borrow snippets of wisdom.

Pit Boss Grill Forum

The Pit boss Series introduced the Smoke It App in January 2020. This Smoke It controller device comes armed with a digital PID wifi network control system. This digital control system is the new generation smoker with wifi settings and a code within the PID wifi controllers that will give you Firmware Update.

Updates of this and other firmware are frequently forwarded to Windows PCs and smartphones for security and improvement of the devices. The updates solve temperature settings problems so that customers do not need to replace the whole temperature control gadget.

Controlling Your Grill

With the PID digital control board, you do not need to babysit your Pit Boss grill to control the temperatures as you enjoy your outdoor cooking adventure. This IT App will enable you to monitor and adjust the fan, drill, igniter, and temperatures on your pit boss 1150 pro series pellet grill and Louisiana grills.

Moreover, connecting the App to the grills is more accessible than most. In addition, the app gives you the ability to view up to 4 grill meat probes from wherever you are without the need to be present or next to your wood pellet grill. Imagine the flexibility this App is giving you! Your wildest grilling and smoking dreams are realized here.


The digital Smoke It App is endowed with the following features.

● Pit boss wifi Features

● Pit Boss Bluetooth Features

● PID controller

● Very excellent smoke graphics on Android

How Do You Use the Pit Boss Smoke It App?

Are you now wondering, how do I use the Smoke It Phone App then? If so, stay with me for an interface walkthrough. Then, a step-by-step guide on how to use the App.

How to install?

Step 1. First, you must read and follow the Smoke It App instructions here.

Step 2. Install the wifi control board on your wood pellet grill & smoker.

Step 3. Search your google play store from your Android phone or your Apple App Store if you are an IOS user. Type' Pit Boss smoke It App' to search.

Step 4. Then, install the app on your phone. The App is free, and you will constantly receive any updates as your phone is now your PID control Board.

pit boss app for android
pit boss app for android
pit boss app for android

How do you use the Smoke It App?

Step 1. First, Connect your Pit Boss 1150 Pro series wood pellet grill & smoker to electricity. Please turn it off until later.

Step 2. Connect your Pit Boss grill to Bluetooth as soon as you have downloaded the App. The app setup process is almost the same for Android and iPhone except for slight variations.

Step 3. You will be prompted to select your BBQ grill band and create a Pit Boss grill account. However, maybe, like many of us, you are afraid of creating another online account and losing the password! In that case, sign in with your Google or Apple account to make the process easier.

Step 4. Then enable the Pit Boss Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 5. Next, connect to your wifi network and enter the wifi password. The App will choose the best option between wifi and Bluetooth.

Step 6. The App will ask you to create a Pit Boss account which you will use to access your Smoke It controller. You will need to use your email or Apple, Facebook, or Google account Id.

Step 7. The App will allow you to name and add your grill. Use a nickname that identifies you and your grill. This way, you can always find it when using the App.

Step 8. Adjust the app notifications to see recipes, shop for Pit Boss gear, and control temperature settings. It will give you some guidelines on working with this App and internal temperature control.

smoke it app
smoke it app
smoke it app
smoke it app

Connecting the grill

Be sure to have working wireless and the wifi password. You will need to select your band as the App is designed to work with both Pit Boss grills and Louisiana grills. So, click on Pit Boss, and the App will start the configuration.

Enable Bluetooth and click on 'connect to grill.' Make sure the grill has its Bluetooth connectivity turned on. Click next and enable the App's digital PID Control Board to scan and find your grill.

Finally, click 'start,' and you are good to go. Your Smoke It App is set to cook and smoke your cooking like never before. The wifi settings and Bluetooth connection will allow you to manage your grill as you move around the house remotely.

Note that the App can switch between the wifi network and Bluetooth. When you find your wireless network, type your wifi password. If it successfully connects to your grill over your home's wireless, it will immediately switch to wifi from Bluetooth.

Interface operations: what you can see and control

When you open the Smoke It App, your home screen will show you all your Pit Boss vitals like meat probe and grill temperatures. The screen will give you a quick snapshot of everything happening within your grill.

From the bottom of the screen, a smoke animation with smoke rushing from the bottom of your Android gadget towards the top will indicate that your grill is on. How cool is that!

● Temperature control

Pit Boss 1150Pro Series will offer unbeatable precision temperature settings control through a wheel. Turning it clockwise increases the temperatures precisely to where you want them. Turning it anti-clockwise will decrease them. You will get an alert when your set temperature is reached. How cool that is!

● The Pit Boss Smoke It App timer

You will need to set your timer based on your recipe. However, you may not get a sound when the time ends.

● The off switch in the Pit Boss Smoke It App

The power button in the smoke It App is an in-built safety feature to prevent you from accidentally turning on your grill. So, it will only turn it off, never on.

● The probe temperature

This one shows the target and current temperature. It's not always very accurate, though.

Common App Installation Issues and Their Solutions

Like every other App, this App has some common day-to-day issues. Luckily for you, the problems are primarily solvable. Here are some of these issues and how to solve them.

1. What can you do if your Pit Boss App is not connecting? 

Sometimes you may find your Pit Boss App not working. The mishap will most likely be an update problem. So, make sure your App is up-to-date, and you won't encounter any connectivity issues.

2. How do you solve wifi connection issues?

You may have problems with the wifi network and the Pit Boss App not connecting. Here, the main problem could be stringent encryption settings on your router. It could also be the result of a poor wifi signal.

To solve this, make sure your router signal can locate your grill. Place your router and your smoker grill not too far apart. Somewhere in the smoker's backyard and the router's living room is not too far for a good signal.

You can test the network speed and strength by using your mobile device while standing next to the grill. The phone's wireless signal indicator will give you the answer you need. If the speed is low or connectivity is poor, you may have to do something first.

Move your wireless a little closer to the grill. If it still doesn't work, you may need to acquire a more substantial routing device, especially with other intelligent devices.

3. What happens if you are unable to log in?

Log in problems are mostly related to the keying in of the wrong wifi password. When you encounter such issues, try verifying your password. If it doesn't work, please reset your account password.

The problem could be the app server or internet connection challenges in sporadic cases. You might have to contact the customer care center for assistance in such cases.

4. What happens if your screen is blank?

Your screen may go blank briefly and display an error message. In this case, check that the App is up-to-date. If it's not, update it accordingly.

5. What is the smoke function in a Pit boss pellet grill?

The default settings of your Pit Boss grill leave the internal ambient temperatures fluctuating between 160 -200 degrees F. However, in a typical 40-90 degrees F environment, the setting treats you to a thin blue smoke.

This is an optimal smoke meant for gently cooking delicate foods like vegetables and soft meats slowly for long hours.

6. How can you smoke on your Pit Boss Pellet Grill Smoker?

Apply apple cider vinegar and apple juice to the meat. Fire up your smoker and put in the seasoned beef. Keep spraying the heart with the 50/50 mixture of vinegar and apple juice every hour.

Your meat will be thoroughly smoked after three hours. Wrap your pieces of meat on the foil and put them back in for another three hours. Mmmmm. Your meat has that finger-licking smokey wood taste.

One Last Word

This article on How To Use Pit Boss Smoke It App is meant to enhance your smoking and cooking experience to enjoy it more. It gives you the freedom to move about and possibly do something else as you cook on your Pit Boss Smoker.

It also gives you insights into installing and monitoring your food using your smart gadget. It is your ultimate choice for giving your food a grilled wood-smoked taste.

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