Masterbuilt 140s Review

Have you ever thought of smoked food that makes your mouth water? Think of doing seafood, fish, veggies, or hamburgers in one of the electric smokers. Don't forget the pork butts, ribs, and chicken. Next, you will think of Masterbuilt Smoker electric smoker. This digital electric smoker is in a class of its own. 

This innovative Masterbuilt electric smoker is a very advanced electric smoker. It comes with imposing features, including electricity as a source of power, a corded electric power cable, and a digital temperature control panel. 

Let's take a journey through the Masterbuilt 140s Review. First, you will establish why this Masterbuilt electric smoker is well-loved in the market. We will also look at what makes the Masterbuilt digital electric smoker so efficient and why you should acquire one as soon as possible.

masterbuilt 140s review

Here, let me introduce you to why you need the Masterbuilt electric smoker with a window for extra convenience. You will notice that its unique structures set it apart as the best electric smoker unit.

Expansive Cooking Space

The Masterbuilt electric smokers have extra spacious cooking space of about 730 square inches. An 800-watt heating element ensures enough well-distributed heat in the cooking area. Moreover, the chrome-coated cooking racks give you extra cooking space.

Masterbuilt Smoker Temperature Range

You can comfortably smoke more than five chickens, several pork butts, 2 pairs of racks of ribs, and a turkey or two at once. Imagine that! Now you can cater to a few friends or your small party and become a master of smoking and grilling. The wide temperature range of 100 - 275 degrees will help you choose your flavor and set it accordingly.

Digital Control Panel

The temperature controls of this Masterbuilt digital electric smoker are advanced. So, you won't need to stand by your smoker unit to monitor the temperatures. Moreover, the meat probe window will allow you to monitor the doneness of your cooking. 

Drip-Pan and Cover

Add a drip pan to catch the dripping dirt, a cover to keep off the dust, and an air damper. You have the best electric smoker in the market. Finally, your Masterbuilt digital electric smoker unit comes with a cookbook with over a hundred recipes for your sampling with both a pellet smoker and an electric smoker. Take your pick.


1. Expansive Cooking space

2. 800-Watt Heating Element

3. Wide Temperature Range

4. Bluetooth Digital electric smoker Controls

5. Removable Drip Pan

6. Top Air Damper

7. Smoker Cover

8. Smoker recipe Cookbook

9. Masterbuilt smoker leg kit with wheels

Dimensions and Specifications of the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker



Model Name





18.21 inches


24.59 inches


42.23 inches


67.9 pounds



Fuel Type


Inner Material

Stainless Steel


Masterbuilt Manufacturing LLC

Design of the Masterbuilt 140s Electric Smoker

The Masterbuilt 140s is the best electric smoker unit on the market. It is designed to enhance your frying, grilling, and smoking experience. You will control your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker using a digital control panel for switching your smoker unit on or off.

You can also enjoy the Masterbuilt smoker temperature range control without standing next to your smoker. In addition, a meat probe window allows you to check the doneness of your cooking. Further, the handles are easily accessible. Oh, and your smoker unit has wheels! So you get to move it around your backyard at will. 

The patented side wood chip filling system will allow you to fill the wood chip tray without opening it. So, your backyard experience becomes a masterpiece.

Masterbuilt 140s Electric Smoker Set-Up and Assembling

When your Masterbuilt electric smoker arrives;

1. Unpack your kit. Then take out all the packaging material

2. Put all the items on a clean, flat surface and take an inventory

3. Read all the instructions carefully

Tools Needed

A screwdriver

Masterbuilt Smoker Mes 140s Accessories and Maintenance

Masterbuilt accessories give you the ease of access to your smoker. They should take the stress off your back and make your smoking experiences more fun while using your Masterbuilt smoker.

Here are some accessories.

The Masterbuilt smoker leg kit with wheels

Previously, the specific stands fit both the Masterbuilt 40-inch smoker and 30-inch digital smokers. However, Masterbuilt has a new design of a universal leg kit to make them more easily accessible.

The support will fit the Masterbuilt 30-inch and the Masterbuilt 40-inch smokers. Moreover, the smoker kit with legs fits the 1,2, and 2.5 models of the Masterbuilt smoker. The stand is steel-made, includes storage space for tools and supplies, and raises the unit 10 inches.

It gets even better. The structure has wheels for the hind legs to ease mobility.

Side shelf

The side shelf provides additional space for your utensils, supplies, or anything you may need to store. Your Electric smoker shelf may not fit all models. Nevertheless, it conveniently folds down to get out of the way when not used. It also doubles to allow the cover to fit.

masterbuilt smoker mes 140s

Fish and veggies mat

Check the fish and vegetable mat out. It will come in handy if you cook or smoke delicate food like veggies, fish, and other seafood. The rug has non-stick silicon. It will help you remove your food without breaking it into a hundred pieces.

The mat is dishwasher safe and thus makes your cleaning easy. 

Masterbuilt rib rack

These chrome-coated smoking racks will make sure you can cook more ribs at a given time. To do this, try to arrange them in a stand-up position instead of laying them down.

You can have up to four slabs on one rack or pork chops and steaks. The racks will do nicely with kabobs as well. What more would you want in a smoker?

Masterbuilt adventure series Mes 140s digital electric smoker gloves

Made by Kitchen Perfection, the gloves appear like some of those superhero gloves on the Marvel movie characters. However, their most important role is to save your hands from the cooking temperature.

The texture of the gloves is rough and makes them non-stick and non-slip. So, they will not catch oils, marinades, and other liquids or foods. So, your hands will be safe.

masterbuilt smoker leg kit with wheels

Multipurpose grill kit

The multipurpose kit will allow you more options as you prepare your food. Beginner and veteran chefs will both find the equipment helpful.

Masterbuilt 140s electric smoker sausage hanger

Most chefs have conflicting opinions on the position of the sausages while smoking. Should you hang or lay them down on the chrome-coated smoking racks? Since taste in smoking is generally a matter of preference, you will use the sausage hanger if you prefer to do so.

The Masterbuilt smoker Mes 140s pulled pork shredder claws

The shredder claws come in handy as soon as your meat is smoked. The shredder claws get the shredding quickly done and serves as an enjoyable finishing point to the smoking journey.

The shredder claws will shred your turkey, pork, or beef fast. They will also help you lift hot meat to the chopping board from the fire. However, the meat temperature will be too much for your hands.

Masterbuilt Smoker Mes 140s Pros and Cons

Every good thing has its good as well as downsides. So let's consider the pros and cons of meeting with your Masterbuilt Adventure Series Mes 140s digital Electric Smoker.


  • This unit is solidly built for durability.
  • There is plenty of smoking and cooking space for a small party.
  • You can set the temperatures precisely and accurately using the digital temperature control.
  • There is consistent smoking of food that will cook evenly and smoothly.
  • The is no smoke lost. It's all concentrated on your smoked meat.
  • The damper controls humidity.
  • There is a meat probe window for monitoring your cooking without having to open the smoker door.


  • Reading the writings inside the smoke hollow in the sunlight is difficult.
  • Cleaning your unit is quite a lot of work.


The Masterbuilt 140s electric smoker unit is subject to a return policy in its original condition within 30 days from receipt. The company can replace the item or refund a full, partial, or no amount based use or damage of the returned unit.

Who is the Masterbuilt 140s Electric Smoker Meant For?

The Masterbuilt 140s is for both novice and expert smokers. The smoker is for that camp chef who loves to go the extra mile with the smoking flavors and get consistent smoking with the cooking. The smoke hollow will give the chef a free hand in the range of smoker temperature. Then, the digital control panel will allow for unrestricted movement.

Do you enjoy entertaining a few friends, hosting a small garden party, or enjoying smoked ribs, pork butts, or chicken? The Masterbuilt 140s is your smoking unit of choice. In addition, the Masterbuilt 30-inch smoking rack will do justice to your smoking and barbequing flavors.

Suitable Alternatives

The are several suitable alternatives to the Masterbuilt 140s.


1. Can you change the heating element in your Masterbuilt 40-inch electric smoker unit?

Yes, Masterbuilt will sell you a replacement directly. You can call their customer care service through the number 800-489-1581. The spare part number for the element is 9907090033.

2. How thick is the insulation on the smoker?

The sides of the smoker unit are about three-quarter inches thick, while the top is one and a half inches thick. Thus, it holds the internal meat temperature and heats nicely without the outside cabinet getting hot.

3. What is the advantage of having a window in the Masterbuilt 140s electric smoker unit?

Although meat temperature is the primary cooking and smoking tool, a virtual reference is essential. For example, suppose there is no window to see and monitor the meat temperature. Then, you might be forced to open the smoker door and interfere with the internal meat temperature.

However, the widow may become darkened by smoke after a few smokings. 

4. Is there too much smoke from my Masterbuilt smoker unit to disturb the neighbors?

If you are using your Masterbuilt smoker in the backyard, there won't be a lot of smoke to bother your neighbors. Moreover, the smoke hollow produces a delicious aroma, not an odor. 

However, if you use it on an apartment patio, the smell of smoking meat will reach your neighbors and bring them over! The scent of fresh smoking meat or chicken will be in the air. Who can resist that?

5. How do I clean and maintain my Masterbuiult smoker unit?

Clean the racks with a brush using a disposable pan at the rack bottom to catch the dripping dirt. Then wipe the door seals, handles, and unit body with a damp soapy cloth once every few uses.

Wrapping Up

So here is the deal. In looking for your Masterbuilt electric smoker of choice, people mostly look for something that will make the smoking experience safer, more accessible, and more straightforward. The good news is that all the Masterbuilt smoker accessories do just that.

The Masterbuilt 140s Review takes you through the changing trends of the outdoor cooking world and the products that make your job easier and bring out the taste you love. Buy the accessory relevant to your smoking style and taste, and you are good.

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