Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series Review

Isn't it wonderful to know that you will have enough inches of cooking space to cook for any size party you choose to throw? What is more, you can do it in just a single cooker and right in your backyard!

Welcome to The Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series Review. The seasoned PitMaster comes with more than adequate inches of cooking space real-wood flavor and gets your grilling done right. Yet, you might be wondering, are Pit Boss Smokers any good?

Let me explain why they are the best. The Pit Boss Pro Series set-up comes with an enormous capacity that will last through your most extended cooking. These pellet grills also pride themselves on a digital PID control board with very advanced technology at your disposal. It is your ultimate choice for an all-natural hardwood smoky grilling.

Here, let us look at why the 1150 Pro series pellet grill is the best and why you should choose it for your smoking options.

pit boss 1150 pro series review

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This wood pellet grill series has superior quality features and unbeatable flavor. It is a massive grilling machine with more than enough space for you to cook even for a crowd and extra square inches to store your tools. The cooking space is distributed in the lower and upper racks. The side shelf has several sturdy hooks to hang some of your devices.

Furthermore, you can smoke all the food you want on the extra square inches of cooking space on this massive grilling machine at no additional cost. The Pit Boss pellet grill will get your most popular grills done just like you love them.

Check this out. This Massive grilling machine comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility! The Pit Boss Pro Series pellet grill digital app has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. It harnesses the power of modern and advanced technology that delivers even temperatures. You can control the temperature digitally and smoke your favorite foods on the most popular pellet grills to maximize the grilling experience.

In addition, the Pit Boss smoker grill has a wide temperature range of 180-500 degrees. It will deliver more natural hardwood smoke for your grill meats just the way you want it. You can do perfectly smoked brisket, or grilled zucchini, Hasselback potatoes, or pork Chili Verde too will smoke beautifully on your Pit boss Pellet grills. Then try putting your chicken thighs in your grill and grilling them to your most popular grills and unbeatable flavors! You will love the natural-wood smokey taste.

The Pit Boss Pro Series Set-Up

Let us look at the 1150 Pro series setup and what makes it good for your smoking experience.

● Digital Control Board

The incredible feature of this seasoned Pitmaster is the smoker's App, which works with the Smoke It Phone App. This technological advancement has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility. It helps you monitor your food doneness and control the temperatures of your grills without necessarily being on the spot. You can use your mobile phone app to control the temperatures remotely.

● 32lb Pellet Hopper

pellet hope comes with a massive 1150 square-inch cooking capacity. It will last through your most extended cooking without giving you any problems. It has an ease-of-cleaning pellet- door, so you open it to clean.

pit boss pellet grills

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● 10 Degree Increment Control

The Pro series pellet grill allows you to control the temperatures at 10-degree increments up to 300 degrees. Many other grills will only work in 50-degree increments.

● Sear Capability

This Pit Boss smoker also comes with a direct flame broiler. The broiler will allow you to direct up to 1000 degrees of flame searing. When you want to change from direct cooking, pull a handle to slide a plate away, and the flame becomes direct. What is most exciting is that you can do this on the go while your grilling meats are still cooking on the hot grill!Some other grills will require you to go inside physically to change to direct sear. The Pit boss Pro 1150 allows you to use just a broiler adjusting handle. That is way above its kind.

● Removable Ash Catcher

Another beautiful aspect of this smoker is the innovative cleaning out of the ash. With this pellet grill, you will not need to vacuum out the inside.The removable ash catcher will make your job easier than other ordinary smokers. You pull out the ash catcher and empty it in the trash can.

● Solid Handles

Another well thought part of this smoker is the solid handles. You will need to constantly move your grill for one reason or another. Some grills do not give you a lot to hold as you do, but the Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series gives you a solid handle to hold. Moving the grill then becomes a more straightforward task.

● Crosshatch Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron Grates

These cast-iron form the iron cooking grates, so your grilled food has perfect sear marks and looks tasty. It also makes the cooking grates very strong.

● Enough Shelf Space

Equally important is the availability of enough square inches of cooking area and shelf space. With a foldable front shelf, hopper lid, and side shelf providing extra space, you have1150 square inches of space to put your food and extra space for your tools.Besides, the front shelf can fold very easily, allowing space and movement. Additionally, there are several sturdy built-in tool hooks on the side shelf from which you can hang your tools, so your cooking area looks neat and well-organized.

pit boss display not working

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● 2 Probes

The Pit Boss Pro Series smoker comes with two standard probes but has enough square inches to accommodate up to four ports, all at the same time. Probe storage i included in the pellet hopper.

● Pit Boss Smoke It App

Another smart feature of the 1150 Pro Series is the Smartphone app, the Pit Boss Smoker App. This smartphone app for Pit Boss grill users allows you to input, adjust, and monitor the cooking process remotely. The App is designed in a way that it controls your smart grill using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The system selects the best option between the two. In addition to controlling your Pit Boss KC Combo grill, the Smoker App also controls other grills like the Black Label grills, Lockhart grills, and Louisiana Grills. It does this from your location on your smart device.Accordingly, you can download the Smoke It app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can read more about it if your Pit boss App not working.

Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series Specifications



Cooking Area

1150 sq. in.

Temperature Range

180-500 degrees

Hopper Capacity


Primary cooking Surface

697 sq. in.

Secondary cooking surface

394 sq. in.

Assembled dimensions


Setting Up the Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series Pellet Smoker

It shouldn't take much time from the moment you take it out of the box to assemble it. Maybe you will need someone else to help you attach the legs to the smoker's body.

Once you put the screws into the legs, the angles are tricky to determine. Therefore, you may need somebody to help you set the alignment and simplify the assembling process.

Alternatively, you could check this YouTube video to follow instructions on setting up your Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker. Either way, in no time at all, your grill grates will be all set up and ready to go to work.



The pellet grill will not go to work immediately after setting it up. Instead, you will require a starting burn-off to remove the manufacturer's oils and smells. Pro series smoker instructions require the grill temperatures to be set at 350 degrees for a 30-40-minute duration. Then, it is safe to put in something edible.


The Pit Boss 1150 Pro does not ship with grill covers inside the box. However, grill covers are available as an added advantage. You can pick this up to keep your unit looking good and new. The controller doesn't have any problems with any surface rust or retaining moisture beneath the screen. The Pit Boss pellet grills are heavier, thicker metals and hold up well under the elements.

Pit Boss Grills Warranty

The Pit Boss Series grills have a 5- year warranty. If you have a problem with your smoker, the management assigns a real-life person to look into your case and sort you accordingly.

Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series Pros & Cons


  • A massive cooking area of about 1150 square inches.
  • The Smoker App has a Digital PID control compatible with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Consistent and even indirect heating.
  • Very high temperatures of 180-500 degrees. On the crosshatch porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids.
  • Simple slide-on-and-off searing direct flame feature at up to 1000 degrees.
  • 8-in-1 cooking versatility – BBQ, char-grill, searing, grilling, smoking, baking, braising, and roasting.
  • Two meat probe ports and a meat probe with removable cooking grids.
  • One hundred percent hardwood pellets and adjustable smokestack.
  • Easy clean bucket and grease management system.
  • Solid front and side shelves with in-built tool hooks.


  • For a barbecue beginner, the start of the digital FID is a bit complex and may stress some individuals.
  • For such a big machine, the warranty is small.
  • Temperatures do not always remain constant.

Suitable Alternatives to The Pit Boss 1150 Pro Series


1. How big is the Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

The backyard has 1,150 square inches of cooking space on two decks, the upper and lower, for your grilling and will hold 35lbs of pellets in the hopper.

2. How hot does the Pit Boss Pro Series get?

Temperatures in Pit Boss wood pellet grill can go up to 500 degrees and a searing hot temperature of 1000 degrees.

3. Is Pit Boss Pellet a good smoker?

Yes indeed. Like other Pit Boss quality products, this smoker gives an advanced grilling technology and a unique smoking experience that exceeds any standard grill.

4. How does the phone app connect with the pellet grill?

The wood pellet grill will connect with your Pit Boss Phone app through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You will be able to control the temperature from a distance without babysitting the pellet grill.

5. What should you do if you are logged out of the smoke it phone app and unable to log back in?

If this happens, it can be very frustrating. Don't lose your cool. Delete the App and reinstall it. Remember to sign up with your Apple or Google password if you are afraid of losing the password.

6. Which Pit Boss Grill has Wi-Fi?

Pit Boss has Wi-Fi connectivity on the Pro Series 850 and Pro Series 1150 pellet grills.

7. Does the Pit Boss Smoke IT App have an instruction manual?

The smoker app does not come with an instruction manual. You can also check the following video on how to use the App. This post will also guide you through.

Final Thoughts

So, what is your take on The Pit Boss 1150 ProSeries Review? Your Pro Series Smoker contains tons of square inches of cooking space room to smoke your favorite dishes at a go. And you won't have to babysit the grill to monitor the temperatures as the Smoker App will allow you to monitor the temperatures and the doneness of your cooking.

The searing flame and the grill access combination give you value for your money and a wood pellet smoker & grill that you will love. If you are a smoked food fan, go on and put this Pit Boss Pro Series smoker in your backyard. You will fall in love with it.

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