Recipes for Butterball Oil Free Turkey Fryer: Trukey, Chicken, Pork and Fish

Everyone desires to live a healthy life. However, one of the ways through which you can live in perfect health is by observing your eating habits.

That said, you will agree with me that deep frying turkey or other foods in a gallon of oil is harmful to your body.

But what will you do now that you are craving a crispy and delicious turkey? Here is your quick solution; you can use a butterball oil-free turkey fryer!

In this article, I will introduce the oil-free turkey fryer to you. Afterward, I will take you through several recipes for butterball oil free turkey fryer.

recipes for butterball oil free turkey fryer

Oil less turkey fryer

The Masterbuilt cooking pot is not a fryer technically since it doesn't use oil. However, this name is borrowed from the air fryer since there are several similarities between an air fryer and the Masterbuilt turkey fryer.

With the Masterbuilt oil-less turkey fryer, you won't have to worry about the right amount of oil to use. Also, this cookware doesn't come with a thermostat; hence no need for temperature settings.

Double-wall construction

The Masterbuilt oil-less deep fryer features double walls in the cooking chamber to prevent heat loss, hence less cooking time and efficient energy consumption.

Cooking capacity

While the Masterbuilt oil-less turkey fryer is not the largest, it's still the most popular cookware in most households.

This electric cooking pot has an 18-lb cooking capacity and thus can be used by a medium-sized family. Also, it is portable and easy to clean and store.

oilless turkey fryer

Wood chip tray and removable drip pan

Do you love a smokey flavor in your meat? If so, you will surely get it by adding your favorite wood chips to the wood chip tray of the electric turkey fryer.

In addition, the Masterbuilt turkey fryer features a drip cup sitting in the drip cup holder. Thus, you don't have to worry about oil and food juices pooling in the cooking pot, posing risks.

Also, the drip pan of the oilless turkey fryer will help collect the turkey drippings, making a tasty sauce.

Tempered glass lid with clip

Some people will shy away from a cooking pot with a glass lid, thinking it can shatter during the cooking process. But you can trust the master built cover.

The oil-less fryer lid is made from tempered heat-proof glass that can withstand the cooking temperature. This way, you have assured durability and safety.

In addition, the lid comes with a clip which helps whenever you need to place the cover beside the fryer.

Oil Free Turkey Fryer Pros & Cons


  • Best-tasting turkey with a lower calorie count
  • Safer than oil turkey deep fryer
  • Easy to use, clean, and store
  • Versatile
  • No extra cost in buying oil
  • Smoky flavor
  • You can use injectable marinades and turkey rub on your turkey
  • Collectible food juice and turkey drippings to make sauces
  • No need for propane gas like the propane turkey fryer


  • Takes longer to cook compared to an oil fryer (10 minutes per pound of turkey for the oil less turkey fryer compared to 3-4 minutes per pound of turkey with the oil fryer)
  • Pre-heating the oven space to get the desired internal temperature can take up to an hour
  • It cannot be used for steaming, boiling, or other purposes

Oil Less Fryer Recipes

Do you know that you can cook various meals using the oil-less deep fryer? Let's see the several recipes that you can use with this fryer.

Roasted turkey

To begin with, ensure that your turkey weighs between 10 to 18 lbs. (4.5 to 8.16 kgs).

For a frozen turkey, defrost it thoroughly up to 1.6 – 4.4°C (35° - 40°F). 

You can then rinse the turkey with hot water to focus on the cavities to remove all ice crystals. After this, pick a paper towel and dry the turkey thoroughly for crispy skin.

Remember that every 4 lbs. (1.8 kgs) of turkey can take approximately twenty-four hours to thaw in the refrigerator.

Cooking instructions

  1. After you have thoroughly thawed the turkey, remove the neck and giblets. Check the inner cavity to ensure it's free from water and ice.
  2. Soak one cup of wood chips for about 30 minutes if you want a smokey flavor in your white meat.
  3. Empty the pre-soaked cup of wood chips into the wood chip box
  4. Set "HIGH" on the control knob of the electric turkey oil less fryer
  5. Prepare your turkey by injecting it with Marinade. Also, season the exterior and interior of the bird with Turkey Seasoning.
  6. Calculate the cooking time using the formula whereby each pound of turkey (0.45 kg) takes 10 minutes to cook. 

For example, if the meat tag reads 12lbs, 12 lbs x 10 minutes = 120 minutes (2 hours) total cooking time.

Or, insert a food thermometer into the turkey breast. Ensure that the meat thermometer is 5.08cm (2 inches) inside the deepest part of the breast meat.

oil less turkey fryer cook time

Your meat will be done when the meat thermometer reads between 74°C to 77°C (165°F to 170°F).

  1. The indicator light will go off when the desired cook chamber temperature is attained.
  2. Take your fryer basket and insert the turkey vertically, the breast part being on the upper side.
  3. Wearing a pair of heat-resistant gloves, use a hook to lower the cooking basket into the oil-less turkey fryer electric pot.
  4.  Close the lid
  5.  Set a timer
  6.  Wait until the cooking time you had earlier calculated has lapsed, or the food thermometer is reading between 74°C to 77°C (165°F to 170°F)
  7.  Turn OFF the control panel when the cooking time is up, and then unplug the fryer.
  8.  With protective gloves on, lift the wire basket from the cooking pot slowly and place it on a metallic or wooden surface.
  9.  Transfer meat from the basket to the serving tray
  10.  Allow the turkey to rest for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

Roasted chicken

What you will need

● One whole chicken weighing between 4 to 4.5 lbs.

● Olive oil

● Freshly ground pepper

● Six to eight bacon slices

● Two tablespoons of finely diced shallots

● Two tablespoons of chicken demiglace

● Two tablespoons of cold unsalted butter

● One teaspoon of all-purpose flour

● Half a cup of white wine

● One cup of chicken broth

● One teaspoon of minced fresh thyme

Cooking instructions

  1. Wash and dry the chicken with paper towels
  2. Rub the back with olive oil, and season both sides with the freshly ground pepper
  3. Place the chicken in the Masterbuilt air fryer basket with the breast parts facing upwards.
  4. Place the bacon slices on the breasts.
  5. Set HI on the oil less turkey deep fryer controller
  6. Roast until the meat thermometer reads 77°C (170°F) or after 1 hour 30 minutes of cooking 
  7. Move the meat from the fryer basket to a carving board, cover it loosely with a foil and allow it to rest for some time before carving (9-10 minutes will be a perfect rest time)
  8. Warm some olive oil on a pan at medium heat, then add the shallots, stir them until they soften for around two minutes
  9. Add flour to the pan and stir it for 30 seconds.
  10. Add wine to the mixture, stir it, and add the chicken broth and demiglace.
  11. Simmer for three to four minutes for the sauce to thicken a bit
  12. Remove the pan from the fire and whisk in butter and thyme.
  13. Cut chicken into sizeable pieces and place them on a warm tray.
  14. Sprinkle the cuts of meat with the sauce and keep the remaining sauce
cooking a turkey in the big easy cooker

Roasted pork

What you will need

● One 2.5 lb pork tenderloin

● Two teaspoons of freeze-dried mint leaves

● Two cloves garlic

● Italian salad dressing

● Salt and pepper

Cooking instructions

  1. Cut the garlic into small pieces
  2. Add one teaspoon of mint, salt, and pepper
  3. Cut the pork and stuff it with dry content
  4. Coat the meat with the remaining mint leaves
  5. Place the pork in a plastic bag and add a quarter jar of Italian seasoning slowly
  6. Leave it to marinate overnight
  7. Place it in the Masterbuilt oil less turkey fryer and roast on MED
  8. Ensure the meat has reached an internal temperature of 71°C (160°F) for perfect doneness

Roasted fish on rosemary

What you will need

● One 12-ounce fish fillet, one inch thick

● Eight sprigs of fresh rosemary

● Two teaspoons of chopped fresh rosemary

● One tablespoon of olive oil

● One thinly sliced lemon

● 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

● 1/8 teaspoon salt

Cooking instructions

  1. Pre-heat cook chamber on HI 
  2. Use a nonstick pan to heat some olive oil
  3. Sprinkle the fish fillet with salt and black pepper
  4. Sear fish for one to two minutes on each side
  5. Arrange rosemary sprigs at the bottom of the turkey deep fryer basket
  6. Place fish on top of the rosemary sprigs
  7. Sprinkle the fillet with chopped rosemary and top it up with the lemon slices

Roast the fish in the oilless turkey fryer for 9-10 minutes or until the fish has an opaque appearance


1. How long does a turkey take to reach doneness in the big easy cooker?

It takes around 10-20 minutes to cook a turkey in the Char Broil Big Easy fryer. Using a meat probe, ensure the internal temperature reaches 165°F for doneness. 

2. Can I use an extension cord with my electric turkey fryer?

Never plug the butterball oil-less turkey fryer on the extension cord. Instead always remember to plug your fryer directly into the wall socket with nothing else plugged there.

3. How do turkey fryers' fires and accidents start?

When placing a turkey in hot oil, the oil may spill over the burner, causing a fire. In addition, the pot may fall, accidentally burning someone with the hot oil.

4. What other foods can I cook in my butterball oil-less turkey fryer?

Other foods you can cook in the oil-less pot include chicken, fish, pork, kabobs, ribs, and beef chuck eye.

5. How do I put out the fire from a turkey fryer?

Always have a multi-purpose fire extinguisher near your cooking places. Remember never to use water to fire since water and oil don't mix. Also, you can call 911.


If you have been looking for a better way to cook your turkey, chicken, pork, and fish, I hope this article has been of great help.

So, ensure you follow the butterball oil free turkey fryer we have spoken about above for juicy meats with a smoky flavor. 

Also, by using butterball oil less turkey fryer, you will be bidding goodbye to uneven cooking in your cuts of meat and staying away from empty calories.

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