Top 10 Barbecue and Grilling Websites to Follow

I love to eat outdoors. But most of all, I always look forward to firing up my outdoor grill and enjoying the unparalleled taste of smoky barbecue goodness! 

Where do I get my grilling confidence from? Most of it I get it online from outdoor cooking websites. I often visit several sites for product reviews, terrific recipes, live-fire cooking methods, and tips. 

And being in this industry for years as a barbecue instructor, industry consultant, professional chef, and content creator, I am super choosy on where I get barbecue information. 

Today, I will share some of my favorite online resources: Top 10 barbecue and grilling websites. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned outdoor cook, I have excellent sites lined up for a great grilling and barbecue experience, so read on!

1. Girls at The Grill

I am sure you have heard people say grilling game is a man's world. However, that perception is quickly changing. Industry statistics show that a lot of women each day are taking charge of the grill, grilling on occasion, or for family and friends.


On that note, Girls at The Grill is the first grilling website created for women by women. Inside the pages of this site, girls and even guys of all ages learn everything they need to know about grilling.

Here, you will learn how to buy a good grill that fits your lifestyle, read about the debate of gas vs. charcoal grills and check out why the author thinks that gas grills are more liberating. 

Other topics covered on this website include: how to light the fire for our grill, how to choose the right cooking method, the basics of grilling & outdoor cooking, and a collection of both classic and untraditional recipes.


2. Barbecue Bible

Steven Raichlen is an author, lecturer, journalist, TV host, and the brain behind the popular Barbecue Bible website. He has written 32 books, including international blockbusters The Barbecue Bible, Project Smoke, Planet Barbecue, and How to Grill.

Steven explores how the popular meat cut, beef brisket, is prepared globally in the Brisket Chronicles, from Texas bbq to Vietnamese pho to Jewish pastrami. His recent book, How to Grill Vegetables, focuses on worldwide plant-based grilling.

Some topics on his website include dozens of mouthwatering recipes, grills & gear, books, and Steven Reichlen TV shows.

3. How to BBQ Right

This Bbq website was started in 2007 by Malcom and Rachelle Reed. At first, the duo didn't know what they were doing; Malcom loved to cook bbq, while Rachelle knew about designing a website. 


Today, they sell their own bbq products and create recipes for their website and Youtube channel. To them, it's all about cooking delicious meals and taking pride in every dish they cook.

On their website, you will find adventurous recipe ideas for foods like beef, pork, fish, lamb, venison, steaks, burgers, sides, chicken, and so much more. Also, you will love their comprehensive grill-buying guides and grilling tips.


4. Girl Carnivore

Girl Carnivore was launched in 2013 by Kita Roberts. Besides being a content creator, Kita is an award-winning recipe developer and photographer. 

For over a decade, she has produced interesting and original food content and shared her passion for cooking and the stories behind foods with the over one million people who visit her website. 

Kita aims to show people that cooking isn't a sophisticated science and anyone can do it regardless of background and income level. Girl Carnivore intends to inspire home cooks to create and share restaurant-quality dishes from scratch while helping them understand where food comes from.

5. Fascinating Sky

Fascinating Sky is a leading cooking site and bbq blog with thousands of readers every month. Cooks and food lovers visit this site for thoroughly tested recipes, informative grill and cookware reviews, barbecue tips, fun cooking quizzes, and the beautiful stories behind foods.


Since its inception several years ago, the editorial team and contributors at Fascinating Sky comprise recipe developers, professional chefs of different cuisines, home cooks, health practitioners, and even photographers.


6. BBQ Addicts

At the BBQ Addicts site, bbq is a lifestyle, not just a meal. Content creators on this website comprise like-minded barbecue enthusiasts who love playing with fire and are obsessed with every tiny detail of the cooking process. 

The team takes barbecue seriously and spends lots of time collecting trophies from bbq competitions.

Great beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and vegetable recipes are found on this website. Other topics you will love reading on this site include cooking techniques and reviews on cooking tools.

7. Kansas City Barbeque Society

The Kansas City Barbecue Society is an online barbecue retail store with everything from grills & smokers to pizza ovens to injections & brines and everything in between.


Their retail store contains a vast selection of bbq supplies, some hard to find elsewhere and all hard to beat. They also offer classes to improve your skills and give you samples occasionally.

So, you can visit the specialty shop at the heart of Kansas City, MO, for everything to do with barbecue & grilling.


8. Pork Barrel BBQ

The mission of Pork Barrel Bbq is to unite people through great barbecues and adventures in flavors. 

You will love their award-winning sauces, spice rubs, and bacon jerky. Reach out to them whenever you need an all-American flavor in your meat, seafood, poultry, and veggies.

Their products use natural ingredients and don't contain preservatives or monosodium glutamate(MSG).

9. Hey Grill Hey

This site was launched in 2015 by Susie Bulloch, a Utah native. Before this, Susie had worked as a freelance content creator for a grill manufacturing company, a role that gave her exposure to live-fire cooking. 


At the end of her assignment at the grill company, she launched her own blog, Hey Grill Hey, a female-centric grilling site.

By 2019, this website had become the bbq site with the most traffic worldwide. You can check it out for tried and tested recipes, a signature line of sauces and rubs, and everything else to do with barbecue.


10. Food Fire Friends

Food Fire Friends is a website dedicated to outdoor cooking, covering every topic related to barbecue, grilling, and more, including:

● BBQ & Grilling guides

● Rotisserie cooking

● Wood-fired cooking for ovens

● Recipes featuring step-by-step instructions

● Curing and cold smoking

● Sourcing, preparing, and storing ingredients

● Buying guides for grills, BBQs, thermometers, accessories, and more to help you make an excellent choice.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it! My top 10 barbecue and grilling websites. They will add great value to your cooking.

So whether you need a pellet grill or charcoal grill to prepare your favorite dish, a spicy barbecue sauce, a pastrami recipe, or an honest review on cookware, you will get all that and more in the above sites. Happy outdoor cooking!

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