KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit Review

Are you a pizza lover who wants a mouth-watering, homemade pizza experience? If you are an avid pizza-maker looking to improve your pizza-making and achieve that well-known home-made-pizza, stay with me. 

Here is an extraordinary outdoor pizza oven kit for you with adjustable dome temperatures for your cooking. The KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit has a tombstone pizza stone that will work magic with your pizza and give you that crunchy crust on your pizza. 

This innovative kettle pizza oven is your backyard kitchen. Let us assess the KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit to ascertain its standard against other such Kettle pizza kits.

Why Should You Choose the Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit?

Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit Review

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KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit comes on top of the list of its kind. Containing a Stainless steel tombstone and Prograte, the Pro 22 Kit is thicker and can retain more heat than other kettle pizzas.

This thick tombstone and Prograte combination allow for higher dome temperatures. The heat retention makes the placement and removal of pizzas quicker and enables quicker bakes. In addition, the kit comes with side access openings that make for ease of refueling and side.

The kit comes with the added advantage of an aluminum Pro Pizza peel. An aluminum cooking pan will help you speed up the cooking of your pizza and other foods.

Features of the KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit

The KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit has many excellent features that set it apart from other KettlePizza types.

1. A KPPG 22 is apart from any other KettlePizza oven grill. 

2. A stainless-steel baking stone to emphasize high dome temperatures produces Neapolitan pizza results. 

3. The cordierite tombstone-shaped pizza steel contains a stainless-steel grate with openings on either side for refueling.

4. Anyone can use the pizza oven kit. Just lift the grill lid and drop in more charcoal or wood chunks. The custom grate is usable with 22.5" KettlePizza units.

5. It also comes with a specially elevated rear fire basket. The wood sits at the same level as the cordierite stone, allowing more heat circulation into the dome to produce a higher dome temperature.

Thus, this US-made pizza accessories versatile oven kit is the best outdoor pizza oven kit for a hard-core charcoal grill. On top of that, its structural quality is excellent. Pizza lovers and bakers will enjoy a fun and most rewarding experience with this pizza oven accessories kit which you can use for cooking on your grill.

Specifications of the KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit

Name of Features




Product Dimensions

22.5x22.5x7 inches or 57.2x57.2x17.8cm


Type Polished

Fuel Type




Item Model Number




Brand Name

Kettle Pizza

Design of the KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit

Here, let me help you understand the design of this premium oven kit. I will tell you about all the parts that make up the KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit.


The KettlePizza Pro 22 kit is 22.5x22.2x7 inches in size. Thus, the pizza oven kit has enough space for any passionate home chef. You can grill your perfect homemade wood-fired pizza comfortably. 

The ProGrate

The Pro 22 grill kit comes with a ProGrate made to fit 22.5". The purpose of this ProGrate is to replace the grate already existing in your grill and match the oven sleeve completely. The ProGrate has individual sections built to include an elevated fire basket and the dome-shaped tombstone, which will give you high heat temperatures for faster cooking and a superior, perfectly fired pizza surface.

The kit also includes a 304 stainless steel grate, which allows you to transform your pizza baking steel into an outdoor pizza oven. Now you can have fun with your outdoor cooking.

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The Dome-Shaped Tombstone

I know; you are thinking, what now? But no. Your food doesn't die here, contrary to what the name suggests! Instead, the oven kit comes with a 5/8 tombstone professional dome-shaped pizza baking stone. At 15.7''x14.5", the cordierite pizza stone is thicker than most baking stones and, therefore, the best for your baking.

The rounded edge stone is designed to tolerate heat retention and make pizza placement and removal easier. However, the cordierite stone only works with 22.5" grills.

The Pizza Pan

Check this out. The Kettlepizza Pro 22 convenience kit also comes with a 14" diameter heavy-gauge aluminum pan for cooking and serving pizza. This aluminum pan is durable and thermally conductive for aluminum cooking.

Thus, it will give you speedy cooking cycles. Your crunchy homemade pizza will be ready in no time at all. Furthermore, the thick pizza pan will last longer and save you money.

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KettlePizza Aluminum Pizza Peel

The aluminum Pro pizza peel is a professional-grade aluminum peel. It is built with solid aluminum with a wooden handle and will outlast any other paddle you may have. Traditional KettlePizza kits provide a wooden pizza peel that may not last very long.

Fire Basket

An elevated stainless-steel firebox or fire basket comes with this outdoor cooking kit. When filled with wood chips, it will add extra heat and is excellent for quicker bakes. It will give you a crust- perfect crispier, crusted pizza. You will love the crispy pizza taste.

The fire basket also has perfectly placed side access openings that allow heat retention and distribution. It keeps the wood chips contained in the box to facilitate heat retention. So, this grill oven functionality will enable you to use less fuel than other grilling kits.

Kettlepizza Pro 22 Kit Review

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How To Set Up Your KettlePizza Oven Kit

There!, You are ready to set up your conversion kit - Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit and start your pizza game! It will be fun!

Sometimes, unergonomic and complicated setups can undo a good product. Luckily for you, the KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit is easy and fun to set up.

1. Assembly of the sleeve parts which come dismembered is easy. Using pre-supplied bolts, put together the separate pieces of the sleeve. The procedure should be a walk in the park as you don't need extra tools.

2. Slot the temperature gauge into place. You will then need to monitor the temperature in the grill dome as your cooking continues.

3. Then, insert the sleeve into your cooking chamber. It fits perfectly.

4. Next, slot the extra thick, professional-grade pizza stone into the ProGrate inside the sleeve. 

5. There! Your own kettle pizza grill oven right in your backyard! Now you can start your pizza placements and enjoy pizza parties any time. 

You can cook any number of pizzas for your family or guests outside as they watch the cooking process and serve it on the pizza tray for them to enjoy. Imagine that. It's an experience that you, your guests, and your family will cherish until you can do it again.

Accessories & Maintenance

Standard accessories on your KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit include a high-temperature infrared thermometer and stainless-steel inserts that turn the oven into a smoker.

The KettlePizza charcoal grill and the 14" heavy gauze pan complete your oven, so you do not need extra equipment.

Thanks to the stainless-steel components of the KettlePizza Kit, you will not need maintenance. However, constant cleaning is recommended.


The KettlePizza has a 90-Day warranty from the date of purchase to be free from workmanship and material defects.

KettlePizza Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable temperature guide
  • Quick installation and ease of assembling
  • Outdoor kettle grills
  • Woodfire cooking experience
  • Ease of use and refueling
  • Higher cooking temperatures
  • High-Quality steel components and wooden handles
  • Easy of cleaning and portability
  • Multiple purpose cooking


  • Fading and discoloration
  • Non-Heat -Resistant wooden handles finishing
  • Cumbersome tombstone susceptible to breakage
  • Fixed-size fit

Who Is The KettlePizza Pro22 Kit Meant For?

The KettlePizza Pro 22 kit is a pizza grill kit with a high standard for any enthusiastic home chef and outdoor grilling and cooking lover. Although the steel parts will discolor, it is still the best of its kind on the market. It will help you make delightful and crust-perfect pizza with your visual aesthetic add-ons. You can also grill right at your backyard kitchen or campsite.

The KettlePizza Prograte and tombstone also has a set of unique stainless steel apparatus with openings on the sides to ease your refueling. The side openings also make placing the wood chippings or charcoal into the fire basket more convenient.

Suitable Alternatives to the KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit

Here are three suitable alternatives to the KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit


1. Will the KettlePizza Pro kit fit in with the Weber 1481001 performer grill?

Yes, the Pro 22 Kit Prograte and tombstone are made to fit only 22.5" kettle grills. So they will work well with the Weber Performer size 22.5."

2. Is the KettlePizza Kit usable without the pizza stone?

Yes, it is. You can cook your pizza or other foods directly on the aluminum pan included with the kit.

3. How wide is the opening on the KettlePizza firebox?

The width of the KettlePizza firebox opening on a 22" grill is approximately 17".

4. What are the dimensions of the aluminum pizza peel?

The aluminum pizza peel measures 22''x12".

5. Is the KettlePizza adjustable to fit 18" grills or any other size?

The KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit only fits the 22" inch grills and is not flexible to provide any different size.

6. What are the measurements of the tombstone cooking stone?

The tombstone cooking stone measures 15''Lx16''Wx5/8''thick.

7. Is the front opening of the KettlePizza big enough to bake bread?

Yes, the opening at the front is big enough. You can bake bread in it.

Final Thought

The Pro 22 Kit is a perfect match for you if you want a crispy crust on your pizza and that authentic stone-baked taste. With this outdoor oven kit, you can't go wrong. The ProGrate & Tombstone combination kit will deliver a crust-perfect pizza for you from your backyard kitchen. The cost is user-friendly, and you get to stay home for the baking session and watch your pizza cook.

Go on and get yourself a KettlePizza Pro 22 Kit. You will love it.

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