Top 35 Cooking/ Grilling Forums, Communities, Discussion, and Message Boards

Food is an essential aspect of life. Food makes us happy and sometimes even sad, especially when we opt for unhealthy eating lifestyles.

The inseparability of humans from food explains why there are numerous sites online where members share their food experiences and ideas on food preparations. Also, these are places where food enthusiasts learn new food trends.

Additionally, joining these online food sites helps you choose healthy eating options that match your needs.

That said, I have browsed through hundreds of these sites and picked the following top 35 cooking/ grilling forums, communities, discussion, and message boards. You can join these sites to learn, ask questions or share your ideas or experiences in all matters related to cooking or grilling.

35 best Cooking/ Grilling Forums Communities, Discussion & Message Boards

best cooking forums; cooking diary forum; clean cooking forum
Net Cooking Talk is a very active site that consists of quite a number of different forums. You can freely join this site and contribute your ideas and experiences in cooking or even ask questions.
clean cooking forum

Some of the forums you will find here include:

  • Breakfast, brunch, cheese, eggs, and dairy forum
  • Beverages forum
  • Chicken & turkey forum
  • Bread forum
  • Ethnic foods forum
  • Meats forum
  • Fish and Seafood forum
  • Vegetable forum, etc.

2. Great Food Forum

best cooking forums

True to its name, this is a great place for all your food queries. Also, you can give your opinions on the discussions raised here or answer questions from other members.

Topics discussed in this forum include:

  • Recipes
  • kitchen equipment
  • Nutrition, diet, and fitness
  • Food books, magazines, software, media, and websites
  • Other topics unrelated to food, e.g., pets, animals, wildlife, fun, and games

3. CookingBites

This is a friendly online community comprising food and cooking enthusiasts.
cooking diary forum

Here are some of the forums you will come across in the CookingBites community:

  • Food in the news
  • Kitchen, cookware, social media, and cookbooks
  • Outdoor cooking, BBQ, and camping
  • Vegetarian and vegan
  • Ingredients, recipes, discussions, etc.

4. Smoking Meat Forums

Like many other food forums, Smoking Meat Forums are free to join.

However, there is a premier membership option; this costs very little and comes with additional benefits. For example, you are allowed to post a link to your website, among other benefits.

Smoking meat forums

Forums in this community include smoking meat & other foods, recipes, smoking supplies & equipment, home gardening, cast iron cooking, preserving food, how-to guides, fun, and social groups.

 5. Food on Reddit

Food on Reddit

Food on Reddit is one of the largest food communities on Reddit, with 22.9M members. In this community, it's all about food.

You will love the beautiful food photos posted here and their recipes. There is this one particular photo that caught my eye here of homemade fondant potatoes that "look like scallops" – Heslin P, expert cook.

6. Hungry Onion

Cooking discussions

Here you will find thoughtful discussions among food lovers where you can participate in asking questions or sharing your ideas. Another great thing with this site is that you can follow other members whose posts you find highly informative.

Here are the three broad discussions you will find on the Hungry Onion:

  • Regional dining discussions
  • Cooking discussions (all cooking, cookware, baking, fermentation, etc.)
  • Discussions about food culture, chains, and media
  • Drinks discussions (wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Discussions not related to food but per the forum's rules

7. Mouthful Forums

Mouthful Forums is a place where members discuss everything about food and great places to eat in the world. Also, there are forums for different countries where you can contribute your opinions or ask questions about food.
general food and drinks discussion

Some of the forums you will come across in this community include:

  • Buy it and cook it – from the shops to the kitchen
  • Liquids – Bars & beers, wines & liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages
  • General – general food and drinks discussion, good buys, consumer electronics, etc.
  • Specific eating – meat, dairy & eggs, fish & seafood, fruits & veggies, and baking & dessert.
  • Lifestyles – visual arts, music, hobbies & crafts, travel, fashion, etc.

8. Eat Blog Talk

Eat Blog Talk is a gathering of bloggers. This community is for that food blogger who feels lonely, disconnected, overwhelmed, or confused, not knowing what to focus on next.
general food and drinks discussion

While here, you can:

  • Browse through the different podcasts and listen to the ones that speak to you most
  • Join the free discussion forum where you can answer questions, ask questions and connect with fellow food bloggers
  • Learn from other bloggers and apply learnt tips in your business
  • Watch your business take another step toward success

9. Pizza Making Forum

general food and drinks discussion

As the name suggests, Pizza Making Forum discusses everything about pizza. Here are some of the discussion topics that you will find here:

  • General topics – pizza ingredients & resources, pizza-making equipment, and recipes for other foods
  • Pizza making – newbie topics and different pizza styles (New York style, American style, cracker style, thick style, specialty-grain pizzas, Detroit style, gluten-free, etc.)
  • Reviews & opinions – pizza restaurant reviews & recommendations and pizza cookbook reviews
  • Advertisements – pizza equipment for sale, pizza goods & services for sale, wanted goods & services, and pizza-related employment opportunities

10. Digital  Spy Forums – Food and Drink

general food and drinks discussion

This is a fun site to share recipes and discuss everything to do with cookware. Some of the topics I picked from here include:

  • Christmas dinner ideas, tricks, and advice
  • What to cook for dinner tonight
  • Rate the food
  • What are you drinking at this moment?
  • What are you eating right now?
  • Air fryers – good or bad? Etc

11. Maangchi

Maangchi is a forum that discusses Korean cooking and recipes. You can request recipes or post your recipes and food photos or videos here.
general food and drinks discussion

Some of the general topics I picked from here were kimchi, diabetic recipes, red pepper flakes, Eomuk from cooked fish, anchovy stock, and wide sweet potato nuddles.

12. Food Porn

general food and drinks discussion

Let the name not scare you – this is a clean food community on Reddit – there is nothing suggestive or inappropriate here.

Additionally, Food Porn is one of the largest food communities on Reddit, with a membership of 4.6M.
Here you will find simple yet attractive food photos and their recipes. Also, you can post your cooking or ask questions about food.

13. eGForums

These forums discuss cooking techniques. Some of the topics I came across here include breakfast, lunch, and dinner in 2022. Other topics I went through include salads, meat noodles, food preservation methods, etc.
general food and drinks discussion
This message board discusses food and recipes. Here you can share or request whichever recipe you want.
general food and drinks discussion

Some of the recipes I picked here are grilled cheese sandwiches, solar pizza, smoked pork chops, and stuffing. The site also discusses cookware and other topics like how to prepare dog food.

15. AVForums – Food & Drinks Forum

You can read discussions here on food, recipes, and cookware. Additionally, AVForums allow in depth and enjoyable discussions while allowing interactions within the forums.
general food and drinks discussion

This is a great place to visit; it's full of expert tips and advice. Also, you can join the conversations here to get amazing kamado recipes and other information on cooking.

Some of the communities you will find here are those discussing holiday recipes, baking, appetizers, beef, lamb, pork, desserts, salads & dressings, sauces, rubs, marinades, health, weight loss, etc.

17. Reddit - Seafood Lovers

In this community, you will find beautiful photos of different types of seafood, e.g., oysters, scallops, clams, shrimp, mackerel, crabs, lobster, sea bass, etc. You will get recipes too!

Also, this is a great place to connect with fellow seafood lovers.

18. City-Data – Food & Drink

This is a large community of food and drinks enthusiasts with over 2M members and with over 15,000 new posts every day.

Also, it is easy and free to join this community; by joining this community, you can access all the forums and posts here.

Some of the broad forums you will find here include alcoholic beverages, recipes, and vegetarian & vegan food

19. Smoke, Fire, and Food

meat smoking forums

Smoke, Fire, and Food is Australia's best barbecue and outdoor cooking forum.

Four Australian barbecue enthusiasts created this forum to provide the bbq community a platform to share ideas, learn from each other, and talk about old bbq.

So, whether you want to know how to do bbq perfectly at home or want to participate in a bbq competition, you will learn it all from this community.

20. Let's Talk BBQ

Here you will learn tips and tricks and get good advice on bbq.

Also, you will find other discussions here, like those about hobbies, different cooking equipment(e.g., air fryers, cast iron & dutch ovens, sous-vide, and other cokers), food preservation, etc.

21. Pit Boss Grill Forum

best pellet grill forums

This is the largest pit boss forum, providing a lot of information to help you get the best out of your pellet grill and smoker. Here you will find discussions with barbecue tips, recipes, reviews, how-to's, advice, and more.

22. Cookshack Barbecue Forums

Cookshack forums have got doors wide open to welcome anyone interested in barbecue and smoked foods.
Also, this is a friendly and fun place where you find topics, recipes, and techniques related to barbecue and smoked foods.

Other Cooking/ Grilling Forums, Communities, Discussion, and Message Boards

23. Overclockers UK Forums

A place to talk about great food, cooking, and wine

24. Volumeeating - Reddit

This is a place for maximum foods with low calories

25. Gransnet Forums

Gransnet forums are the places to go anytime you want to try a new dish.

26. Mumsnet - Food

This community helps parents and other unique visitors share recipes and good food practices.

27. Ask the Community

You can ask cooking or recipe questions here and get responses from expert home cooks.

28. Reddit - BBQ

This community discusses everything to do with BBQ. So, if you have got questions in this area, ask fellow pitmasters here.

29. The BBQ Brethren

charcoal grilling forums

Discussions are about barbecue, which includes competitions, questions, getting started, equipment, events & announcements, reviews, planning, etc.

30. AZ Barbecue

AZ Barbecue forum is dedicated to discussions on barbecue recipes and fuels. You can post pictures of what you cooked here and tell how you cooked it.

31. The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board

This is an online community for the Weber grill funs. Here, the discussions are about Weber gas and charcoal grills.

32. BackyardBoss

This message board has great bbq recipes, different cooking methods & equipment, backyard design ideas, and DIYs. 

33. Aussie BBQ Forum

electric smoker forum

Aussie grilling forum is one of the largest barbecue forums in Australia, discussing everything to do with barbecue.

34. Chef Talk

Chelf Talk forum comprises professional chefs who come together to discuss recipes, preparations, kitchens, styles, tips, tricks, accessories, reviews, schools, and more.

35. Reddit - Cooking for Beginners

You can join this group if you are new to cooking and get to know how to get started. Also, you can ask questions and post links to simple recipes.

Final Word

Whether you are a beginner or expert in cooking or grilling, the above top 35 cooking/ grilling forums, communities, discussion, and message boards have got you covered. So, go through the sites and join the ones that best suit your needs.

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