Cooking Method Quiz

Cooking Method Quiz

This is a quiz to test your cooking skills. You don’t need to bring an apron, nor will you need to do some cleanup afterward - you are enough.

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Cooking Method Quiz

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What do we call that process of removing the browned parts from a pan to flavor soups, gravies and sauces?

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Which cooking process doesn’t use cooking oil or fat?

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What is a roux?

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The process of soaking fruit in a liquid and the liquid penetrating the fruit is called?

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Which of these can you poach in white wine?

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What do we call that way of cooking where you plunge food into ice water immediately after removing it from a cooking liquid?

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Steaming and sweating are the same cooking processes.

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There is no difference between parboiling and blanching.

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Cooking food and preserving it in its fat is called?

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What do you need when sauteing?

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From which direction does the heat come when broiling food?

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Which way of cooking leads to major losses of nutrients?

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Cooking food over boiling water and not in the water is called?

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The process of cooking food in its fat in a skillet without a lid is called?

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What do we call that process where you cook the food without a lid, surrounded by heat in the oven?

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