Masterbuilt 1050 Review

Have you ever had a meal at a specific joint or at a house that left you wondering what type of appliance you will use in its cooking? That is the kind of experience your Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 digital charcoal grill and smoker will give you.

The Masterbuilt 30-inch Gravity Series 1050 digital charcoal grill black unit can move the heat in the cooking chambers from 225 degrees F to 700 degrees F in 5 minutes. In addition, its digital fan allows you a free hand in setting the temperature to your desired level. Thus, it is not a wonder that the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 charcoal grill smoker comes highly rated and recommended.

Let's get started with this Masterbuilt 1050 Review, which will help you understand the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050. The review will tell you about its parts, how it works and why you should put it as the next item on your to-buy list.

masterbuilt 1050 review

High ratings

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 has above four stars on many platforms. This rating shows how reliable this smoker is and how people have had splendid experiences with it.

The grill has 4-in-one compatibility, allowing you to grill, sear, smoke, and even roast your food. The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 digital charcoal grill and smoker is a smoking unit that you must acquire for your backyard.

Wide temperature range

The Masterbuilt GravityFed 1050 has one of the broadest temperature ranges - between 225 degrees F and 700 degrees F. Furthermore, it takes only about five minutes. 

This temperature range and the speed at which it changes are excellent for beginners who will not have to struggle. Seasoned cooks will also be able to smoke quickly, sear, roast, or grill their cooking.

A solid origin

The Masterbuilt company built the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050. The company was founded by Dawson McLemore, a very passionate man about cooking. Thus, the pellet smokers and pellet grills he has produced are reliable and of excellent quality. Furthermore, the company is known for producing a series of grills and smokers and combinations known and loved worldwide.

Digital temperature control

The digital temperature control is another reason you should have the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Charcoal Grill and Smoker. Imagine changing the temperature and cook time in the comfort of your couch, watching a movie, or reading a book.

What is more, the digital controller can use any one of several smart devices. It's a very comfortable way of smoking your favorite food.

gravity series 1050 digital charcoal grill smoker

Spacious cooking area

This Masterbuilt Digital Charcoal Smoker sports a vast cooking area of 1080 square inches. This cooking space is enormous and can cook or smoke forty-five burgers or seven racks of ribs. Moreover, it can also smoke sixty-seven sausages or seventeen chickens. Imagine that!

You will comfortably host just a couple or a small-sized party and create your signature dishes. All from the comfort of your backyard and without breaking a sweat! How cool is that!

The charcoal hopper is gravity-fed

The Grill unit contains a gravity-fed charcoal grill with a hopper and has the capacity for 16lbs of briquettes and 10lbs of lump charcoal. The feeding of your fuel by gravity redefines smoking and grilling.

You can do other chores while your pork butt or sausages acquire a charcoal flavor. Furthermore, you do not have to feed the fire constantly. Gravity ensures a continuous flow of fuel.

The Masterbuilt GravityFed hopper can also hold up to 8 hours of burn time as briquette or lump charcoal. The gravity feeding economizes your fuel consumption. In addition, you will not need to remove the charcoal after every use, giving you still more time for the slow cooks for other chores.

Built-in meat probe

You can monitor your cook chamber without opening the doors using the built-in meat probe. This way, you can assess the doneness of your cooking without interfering with the temperatures by opening the doors.

Folding stainless steel shelves

The stainless steel shelves fold to give you more space around your smoker. As a result, you will be able to move without tripping over the protruding frames and access more preparation space.

Multiple Cooking OptionsThe Masterbuilt charcoal automatic smoker grill allows you several options during your cooking. You can roast, sear, smoke, bake, smoke, or grill your cooking on the charcoal grate. So now you take a pic of your favorite charcoal taste, and you are good to go.
masterbuilt 1050 smoker

Features of the Masterbuilt 1050

1. Digital Fan for precise temperature control.

2. Wi-Fi temperature control and cook time.

3. Control your Masterbuilt device from multiple devices

4. Extra Large cooking area.

5. Reversible smoke/sear grates.

6. Porcelain-coated racks and cast-iron grates.

7. Folding stainless steel shelf

8. Digital control panel.

9. Charcoal grill with hopper.

10. Power supply Cord storage.

11. Flat top griddle insert.

12. Built-in meat probe thermometer and temperature gauge.

13. Gravity Fed charcoal holds 16lbs of briquettes and 10lbs of lump charcoal.

Masterbuilt 1050 Dimensions

Name of Feature




Cooking space

1080 square inches

Hopper capacity



61.02 inches wide 155cm


52.165 inches high 132 cm


33.071 inches deep 84 cm

Meat probe



7 racks of ribs or 45 burgers


17 chickens or 67 sausages


225 degrees to700 degrees in 10 minutes


1 year

Assembled weight

230 pounds

Power source


Design of the Masterbuilt GravityFed 1050 Smoker

Food capacity

The Masterbuilt 1050  smoker has two porcelain-coated smoking racks and cast-iron grates. When you put all these together, cover a space of 1080 square inches used as the grilling space.

This Masterbuilt Gravity Series has shelves in multiple pieces (the middle rack and searing bottom shelf), making it easy to remove, clean, and maintain separately.

masterbuilt 1050 dimensions

Meat probe thermometer

Think about having to stick a thermometer in your meat every half an hour!

Indeed, you will get worn out when your cooking is ready. Furthermore, you may as well have lost your temper!

The Masterbuilt charcoal automatic smoker comes with a modern in-built temperature gauge. In addition, a meat probe and meter help reduce the hustle of measuring the temperature.

The thermometer helps keep the grill at a constant cooking temperature. So, you don't have to keep on opening the grill and tampering with the grill, resulting in a very poorly grilled meal.


Some people are lucky enough to own large spaces to keep their grills for use and storage. What about those who don't have enough space to use and store? Or those that have space inside but want to grill while basking?

Those without space can relax too. The Masterbuilt charcoal-fuelled digital grill and smoker has a solution for everyone. While it weighs around 230 pounds and is heavy, it also comes with in-built wheels. The wheels will help you move from storage to the cooking area. Moreover, these wheels lock so that you do not have to worry about the stability of your smoker unit.

Fuel capacity

The charcoal-fuelled Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 has a Masterbuilt gravity-fed hopper that holds up to 16 pounds of briquettes and 10 pounds of lump coal. You can use the grill for a solid eight hours at low temperatures to your advantage. Therefore, you do not have to keep tending the fire or lurk around your grill while the meal is cooking.

While you have long cooking, you can run your errands and come back while your food is still cooking comfortably.

where are masterbuilt grills made

PFOA and PTFE free

The two terms stand for perfluorooctanoic acid and polytetrafluoroethylene in that order. These chemicals can cause health risks if they are often put to use. Luckily Masterbuilt 1050 is safe from these chemicals. Therefore, it is a healthy cookware option.


The assembling of the Masterbuilt automatic smoker takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and requires two pairs of hands to handle. You will need these tools for this labor, including:

● Philips head screwdriver.

● Adjustable wrench.

● 19mm socket wrench.

Accessories and maintenance

This grill requires only a few accessories. It only requires one wire temperature probe, which is the only essential item needed to get your system started. 

Masterbuilt also has a list of secondary accessories that you might find a use for them with your unit in time. 

Cleaning your Masterbuilt 1050 smoker

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 does not require frequent maintenances. However, cleaning the Masterbuilt smoker must be done thoroughly after every use for its welfare, as we will see in our next article.  In addition, you should have a maintenance check at least once a year.


The charcoal-fuelled Masterbuilt 1050 smoker has a warranty valid for one year from purchase. However, the warranty does not cover paint finish or any accidents due to your digital charcoal grill. Further, it does not cover the commercial use of this smoker.

Masterbuilt 1050 Smoker Pros & Cons


  • It has a good heating speed and cooking level (225 in ten minutes)
  • It has excellent reviews from past buyers
  • There is a Bluetooth and WI-FI connections
  • Large and spacious cooking area of 1080 square inches
  • A Multi-function digital control panel
  • The smoker has a simple design for easy use
  • Great value for money
  • Power supply cord storage minimizes the risk of damage
  • Built-in temperature gauge and safety switches for the best results


  • Its online app is often glitch, and people do it manually
  • Many hours of charcoal burning lead to buying charcoal regularly because of the charcoal grills
  • The cost may be above average

Who is This Masterbuilt?

The Masterbuilt GravityFed 1050 is for everyone who loves grilled or smoked meals and wants to enjoy making them themself. It is also for lovers of family get-togethers, friends' reunions, and even drinking buddies who meet every weekend to grill meat and drink beers.

The unit is not overly expensive. Thus, it's available to customers looking for world-class grills and smokers.


1. Where are Masterbuilt grills made?

Masterbuilt grills are made in China, but they have offices in Columbus, GA.

2. How does a gravity feed smoker work?

You load charcoal into the airtight chute and light it at the bottom through the firebox door. The coal burns slowly; smoke goes up in and out of the chimney smokestack.

3. Can you shut the grill off When It's full of charcoal?

Yes, it is possible. Here are two slides that are put in place to suffocate the flames and leave the remaining charcoal in the hopper.

4. Do I need to preseason my grill?

Yes, it is essential that you preseason your grill before cooking. It helps burn off any chemicals left over from the manufacturing process.

5. How do I cook with wood chunks?

Add 1-2 chunks not more significant than your palm directly into the Ash bin of your Masterbuilt charcoal grill. They will burn for about 2-3 hours.

6. Can I control the airflow with the slides?

Remove the slides from the unit during cooking to avoid damaging the slides or the team.

Remember to permanently remove the slides from the unit and store the slides while cooking.

Final Thought

This Masterbuilt 1050 Review has highlighted everything and anything you need to know about the charcoal-fuelled Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050. The Charcoal grill comes highly recommended. The producers ensure that it is price friendly so that everyone who wants one can afford it.

The Charcoal grill smoker is free from PFOA and PTFE chemicals that are known to cause health risks. Luckily for you, Masterbuilt 1050 is a healthy cookware option.

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