Masterbuilt MES 130b Review

I guess you will agree with me when I say that the hour to revolutionize your cooking methodology is now. Those days of cooking on a traditional flame while standing over it with smoke blasting you and making your eyes sting are over! Besides, in that case, you end up looking dirty and unkempt.

Now those days have been ended by the Masterbuilt MES 130b. This is a revolutionary, automatic electric smoker. This smoker will help you make tasty food while still running small errands and looking elegant! What else could you ask for?

These in-depth and detailed Masterbuilt MES 130B reviews tell you why the 30-inch electric smoker is a must-have smoker in your backyard.

Masterbuilt MES 130B reviews

The Masterbuilt MES 130b digital electric smoker gives a whole new experience of preparing meals, especially to those who are used to cooking on the gas stove. Its extra-large cooking space is one of the main reasons why you should choose the Masterbuilt mes130b.

You are sorted with enough room to smoke a family dinner or even a small neighborhood dinner. Without having to go to and fro with cooking pots and pans, you will be a happier chef.

Also, it will give you the luxury of cooking while working on other chores. This is all thanks to its digital control panel, which allows you to operate it without standing next to your smoker.

Have you ever seen a manufacturer that sells you a product and also gives you recipes to try on the product? Well, that's what Masterbuilt does for you. Once you buy the Masterbuilt MES 130b, you can go to the official Masterbuilt website and register your product and contact information.

You will get the Masterbuilt Mes 130b digital electric smoker recipes from there. You also will get answers to questions and useful information you may need from that website. So, why not choose this product? It's perfect for smoking, and the Masterbuilt 130b recipes are an added advantage. They are also a useful guide for using the Masterbuilt MES 130b.

Features of the Masterbuilt MES 130b

1. The digital control panel and temperature gauge control the on/off for cooking temperature and internal meat temperatures

2. Enough square inches of cooking space with an inside capacity of 2 turkeys, 4 pork butts, 4 racks of ribs, and 6 chickens.

3. A patented side wood chip tray allows you to add wood without opening the door.

4. Thermostat temperature control even, consistent smoking.

5. Fully insulated body and door seal to retain its heat.

6. Four chrome-coated Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker racks.

7. Improves food taste and aroma with air dampers and a water bowl.

8. Grease collection system.

9. durable smoker chambers

10. Sealable doors

Specifications of the Masterbuilt MES 130b Digital Electric Smoker





Model name

Digital electric smoker

Model number



Matte black

Item weight

45.9 pounds

Item Length

19.88 inches

Item width

20.47 inches

Item height

33.26 inches

Source of Power

Corded electric

Inner material

Stainless steel

Fuel type


Heating element

1800 watts


1 year

Design of the Masterbuilt MES130b

masterbuilt smoker 30 inch electric

Electric heating element

This is the only source of heat for this product. This shows that you do not come into contact with fire at any time during the whole smoking process. Furthermore, if you are not comfortable with gas, then you do not have to use charcoal. Instead, you can use real wood smoking chips.

Door seal and insulated body

The insulated body and the door seal are handy for the smoking process. They help keep the heat loss in the smoking chamber minimal, which works to solve the Masterbuilt electric smoker temperature problem. This finally results in consistent temperatures and cooking times during the smoking process.

This is also very helpful to those who want to learn the art of smoking and live where temperatures are very low in winter. But unfortunately, the low temperatures can mess with the internal temperatures of the smoking chamber and result in one of the Masterbuilt smoker problems.

Patented side wood chip loading system

The wood chip tray loading system is very convenient. Using it, you can add the chips without needing to open the door. Instead, you load them from the side and avoid opening the door, which would lead to smoke loss and thus additional time while smoking.

masterbuilt mes 130b digital electric smoker

Built-in thermostat

Opening and closing the smoker every time you want to check the temperature can lead to another one of the Masterbuilt smoker problems. Smokers get glitches very often and mostly while it's still new due to the temperature changes. However, you can have a good cooking process with the integrated thermostat and additional heating elements. Moreover, you will know your smoker's temperature without opening it.

Digital control panel

The Masterbuilt 130b digital smoker works just like using a phone! All the information you require is displayed just at the top of the smoker. This being the most suitable position, you will be free of any hot spots as you control the internal temperature of your smoker without having to open it. In addition, checking your smoker's vitals is now as easy as they come.

masterbuilt temperature control

Grease collection system

Imagine having a smoker that drips all its grease on the floor! This will give you a hard time with the cleaning and make your cooking space untidy. Well, not the Masterbuilt 30-inch electric smoker! 

This electric digital smoker comes fully loaded with a grease loading system that allows grease inside the smoker to find its way down into an exit. Very cool, right? At the rear of the smoker, there is the exit and a collection tray for easier collection and cleaning.

Masterbuilt 30'' electric smoking racks

4 electric cooking racks are chrome-coated. They all give you a way of maximizing the available square inches for smoking the foods you need from meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables. They are also very easy to clean and give you a clean grill.

Extra inches of cooking area

As earlier stated, the extra square inches give a bigger capacity. Thus, the extra inches of the cooking area make it big enough to hold two turkeys and four rib racks. In addition, four pork butts and six chickens can all go in at a go. Believe me, this amount of space will let you prepare from a 2-person dinner plate to a lawn full of people for a BBQ party!

Water bowl

The water bowl helps to moisturize the meat instead of frequently sprinkling water on it during cooking time. Although it is a bit of an expensive smoker, the water in the bowl especially flavors your smoking as it lets the food cook gently. Unfortunately, many smokers do not have an integrated water bowl that ensures the meat has the correct amount of moisture.

Masterbuilt MES 130b stand

The Masterbuilt electric smoker stand is designed as a portable smoker. So, your smoker can be carried from point A to B. However, this Masterbuilt electric smoker stand will ensure that there is no risk of the portable smoker falling over during the cooking time. The Masterbuilt series stands are uniquely made for stability. Your smoker will stand on it so that you do not have to bend over when using it.

how to use a masterbuilt 30 electric smoker

Masterbuilt MES 130b Accessories and Maintenance

Masterbuilt MES 130 has a few accessories that you can use with it. These include;

● A stand, because the smoker is low and without the stand, you have to keep bending over to use your Masterbuilt 130b MES smoker.

● A chicken-stand.

● Masterbuilt smoker Cover.

● A Sausage hanger.

How to Use Masterbuilt MES 130b

For proper work conditions of your smoker, Masterbuilt recommends that you season your smoker before use. This means leaving it at high temperatures for about three hours to get rid of the manufacturing oils. Then allow it to cool completely.

Your Masterbuilt smoker does not need a lot of maintenance other than cleaning. And, there is no big deal with the cleaning. Simply mix hot water and vinegar and use a sponge to wash it thoroughly after every use.

You can serve it at least twice in 2 years.

Set-up and Installation

Instructions about setting up and installing your Masterbuilt MES 130 digital electric smoker are available on the youtube video below.


It has a one-year warranty and an additional one that can be bought on the Masterbuilt website. It warrants defects, but this is not inclusive of paint.

Replacement and repair costs are covered during the warranty period. However, the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse of the product.

Pros and Cons of the Masterbuilt Smoker 30-inch Electric Smoker


  • Digital front panel
  • Large cooking space
  • Has heavy-duty and durable doors
  • Presence of thermostat
  • Adjustable cooking racks
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Easy to use since there is no charcoal and no flame to extinguish


  • If you break the digital panel by bad luck, then the Masterbuilt temperature control is impossible since it's digitized
  • Warranty is limited even though customer service is good
  • No meat probe window

Who Is This Smoker For?

The Masterbuilt MES 130b digital electric smoker is not for any specific person. Anyone with the slightest interest in smoking can try it. In addition, the pros of smoking agree that this smoker is the beginning of a new era. Do you know why? Because it is electric, and that is a very innovative step in smoking.

It is also for anyone who wants to experiment with the adjustable cooking racks to see what could come from any new arrangements and re-arrangements.

Suitable Alternatives For The Masterbuilt MES 130b


1. How do I pre-season my electric smoker before using it first?

Curing your smoker removes the manufacturing oils and leaves your smoker clean and dry. Set your smoker temperature to 275 degrees and keep running for 3 hours.

When it has about 45 minutes left, add to the wood chips in the wood chip loader. About half a cup of chips should complete the pre-seasoning process. Power off your smoker. Please leave it to cool completely before trying anything.

2. Should my wood chips be used wet or dry?

You can use your chips either dry or wet, depending on what you want. It will depend on whether you want very intense or less intense smoke. Dry chips burn with more intense smoke compared to pre-soaked chips.

3. What is the best way to clean my smoker?

half hot water and half apple cider vinegar. Use a bottle, preferably a spray bottle, and shake well. Using a soft sponge, now clean your smoker thoroughly. 

Remove the cooking racks so you can clean them separately, then return them to the smoker.

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your smoker. They will ruin the appeal of your smoker unit. 

4. Is it waterproof?

No, it has an electronic control unit on top that is open to the elements, but you can buy a waterproof cover to leave it outside when not in use.

5. Can you use it indoors?

No, the smoker generates smoke even though not so much it is not recommended for indoor use.

6. Does it have a pan to add water during cooking?

Yes, your 30-inch smokers have a large enough pan to smoke for a long time. Make sure to cover the water tray in tinfoil when using it and the drip tray for trouble-free clean-ups.

Final Thoughts

The Masterbuilt Mes 130b Reviews take you on a journey through innovative electric smoker models that are digital and easier to manage. Furthermore, the electric smoker reviews show you why the smoker requires no expertise to operate. In addition, the digital control makes the entire smoker very user-friendly.

The presence of a water bowl in the smoker's body leaves the food tastier and juicier. The Chrome-plated cooking racks are removable so that you can adjust them according to your space needs. To cap it, the air damper improves the quality of smoke and temperature control inside the smoking hollow.

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