Masterbuilt MPS 230s Propane Smoker Review

When it comes to smoking, there is smoked food and Masterbuilt smoked food. But, believe me, it's not the same. When you taste Masterbuilt smoked food, your taste in smoked food changes forever. 

This natural gas smoker allows you to customize your food according to your tastes and flavors. There are specially designed four chrome-coated racks with 734 square inches of cooking space. Furthermore, the smoker flame disk bowl is designed to even out the heating for you. Finally, the built-in temperature gauge will give you an easy time with your smoking.

Come with me through the Masterbuilt MPS 230s Propane Smoker Reviews which will take you on a flavor-testing journey.

masterbuilt mps 230s propane smoker reviews

Here are some of this large propane smoker's best features. Assess them so that you can decide whether to give these kinds of smokers the time of day.

Exceptional Grilling Performance

The grilling performance of these kinds of natural gas smokers is exceptional. Therefore, Masterbuilt 230s Smoker can handle any kind of cooking or smoking you throw in. 

Do you have some guests or relatives over for the weekend? Easy peasy! Your smoker will easily accommodate 2 turkeys or 8 chickens. You can throw in 4 pork butts or 4 racks of spare ribs, and they will cook to your specific smoke flavor. 

Removable Water Bowl and Wood Trip Tray

The propane gas smokers water pan replacement and ease of removal is an excellent option. In addition, you can remove and replace the wood trip tray and the removable porcelain-coated water bowl speedily to tailor your flavor to your liking.

Built-In Thermometer Gauge

An accurate temperature gauge with a wide range of temperatures up to 400 degrees. The temperature control gauge is built-in with automatically controlled knobs. Now you can set the internal temperature in the grill to your target temperatures based on your cooking range and flavor. 

Furthermore, you will have the ability to keep a consistent temperature throughout your smoking.

Enough Space

This Masterbuilt 230s large propane smoker has spacious cooking space. You can modify and customize the 734 square inches of cooking grate according to your needs. 

natural gas smoker

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning your Masterbuilt professional gas smoker is a walk in the park. So, get into the habit of cleaning the cooking grate regularly with warm soapy water to keep your unit in excellent condition. 

Give the porcelain-coated smoker flame disk bowl an extra dose of cleaning to dislodge any grease left in the cooking chamber.

Four Chrome-Coated Smoking Racks

The four chrome-coated smoking racks are one of the finest touches of the Masterbuilt gas smoker. The moveable shelves will allow you to experiment with any idea of smoke cooking.

You can remove the movable shelves to create extra space. Alternatively, keep them on to create more shelves to test your idea of smoke cooking.

Do you want to smoke link sausages or ring? Good. Place just one rack as high as possible in the gas smoker. Tie the sausage to ensure that they don't touch.

Porcelain Flame Disk Bowl

Your Masterbuilt smoker flame disk bowl will improve the wood chunks bowl's working to give you an ideal temperature and maximum smoke flavor. The porcelain flame disk bowl will also control the piling of extra lubricant on the stove.

professional propane smoker

The Chip Tray

The wood chip tray is made with wood chunks, not wood pellets. Therefore, you will not need to keep adding wood to the wood chips tray. Set the smoker's internal temperature to a maximum until you have a good cloud of smoke for your barbecue cookout. Then lower it to your preferred setting. There will be enough smoke to interact with your cooking and give it the loved smoky taste.

Adjustable Gas Burner with Instant Push Button Ignition

The Masterbuilt 2-door professional smoker unit sports push-button ignition lights and burner features. This adjustable gas burner option will give your smoker smart controls along with smart ignition.

Dual Door Design

The Masterbuilt professional propane smoker dual door design helps retain the heat inside. Consequently, this allows the smoke enough time to interact with the cooking. So now your meat and pork products, plus fresh seafood, will smoke to your heart's delight.








Model No





65.9 pounds



Dimensions LxHxW


Fuel Type

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Inner Material

Stainless Steel

Design of the Masterbuilt MPS 230s Natural Gas Smoker

The Masterbuilt MPS 230s natural gas smoker is designed to give you a good time with your grilling. You are set for your cooking process by sporting chrome-coated racks and a built-in temperature gauge.

The porcelain-coated smoker flame disk bowl gives the flame access to the wood chips and shields the burner from greasing. Additionally, the 15,400 BTU stainless-steel burner has a push-button ignition lights burner that will easily light it up to start your cooking process.

Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Parts Assembly and Seasoning

Your Masterbuilt smoker unit parts include the propane tank and the 4-movable chrome-plated cooking racks. Unpacking and assembling them does not require you to have any technical know-how.

Masterbuilt MPS 230s Pros & Cons


  • Temperatures are controllable and adjustable precisely during the cooking process.
  • The smoker can hold the temperatures to a 5-degree range, keeping them to an even and consistent range.
  • The temperature heats up to about 350 degrees and allows you to crank to firm up the top skin of your cooking.
  • This smoker heats up quickly and produces enough smoke to interact with your food during the cooking.
  • The wood chips tray is large and adequate.
  • The smoking chamber has enough room for you to cook for a small party.


  • Temperatures in the internal cooking basket are 10 degrees off from the setting.
  • Some Propane smoker parts like the 4-movable chrome-plated cooking racks fit in too snugly. Getting them out during cleaning becomes a problem.


The Masterbuilt gas smoker comes with a 1-year warranty.

Who Needs the Masterbuilt MPS 230s Propane Smoker?

Masterbuilt MB20052318 smoker is good for anyone who wants decent smoking and barbequing results. It is also excellent as a choice for propane smokers for beginners with no love for working with wood pellets but who love the smoke taste.

Notwithstanding, it is one of the affordable smokers. In addition, expert and professional chefs who want to master the art of smoking will love this Masterbuilt 320s professional smoker unit.

Suitable Alternatives


1. Why does your professional propane smoker become too hot and the internal temperatures reach 500 degrees?

You must pre-clean the whole interior of your unit and pre-soak the chips to raise their ignition temperature. Make sure the burners have a clear, even flame.

2. What is the width and length of the cooking racks for this gas smoker Masterbuilt unit?

The cooking racks have 19.7 inches of cooking area in width and 12.2 inches of smoking space in length. This gives you plenty of cooking space.

3. Where can you get cooking grids for your Masterbuilt MPS 230s Propane Smoker?

The unit comes packed with 4 movable chrome-plated cooking racks. But you can buy extra ones affordably from stores

4. Does this Masterbuilt 230s smoker unit use charcoal as a fuel source?

No. The Masterbuilt 230s smoker does not use charcoal as a fuel source. Instead, this smoker runs on propane only.

5. Can the smoker unit handle a brisket?

Yes. All you must do is adjust or remove the adjustable shelves to create space. It will fit a whole thanksgiving turkey and bring out that smoke flavor. 

6. What is the benefit of Propane smokers?

These brands of smokers are less cumbersome than charcoal smokers. This is because they do not use charcoal or wood pellets but still produce that smokey flavor.

Final Thoughts

The masterbuilt 230s review discusses a smoker unit that can produce an exceptional smoke experience like charcoal smokers. So you can have a good outdoor smoking time with your family and friends. 

Are you a green smoker looking for a middle-sized smoker for your needs? This propane smoker for beginners is one of those versatile smokers for newbies. This smoker unit will help you craft your art of smoking in your backyard. Just pick your flavor and customize your unit to bring it out.

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