Pit Boss Pro Series 850 Review

Maybe you need to do some smoking. But you might think to yourself, 'Aaagh! All pellet grill smokers are of a low, terrible quality!' Maybe because of that one pellet grill brand that let you or one of your friends down. Here is good news for you. Pit Boss pellet grills have a new baby in the market that is bigger and of better quality. The Pit Boss Pro Series 850. This Pit boss pellet grill comes highly recommended.

Boasting an 850 square inch cooking area and a wide range of digitized features, the Pb850ps2 is more extensive, innovative, and hotter! This pellet grill is designed for your pleasure and maximization of your outdoor grilling experience.

Check out this Pit Boss Pro Series 850 Review below to understand why this is a favorable brand for your home or business.
pit boss pro series 850 review

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Pit Boss was started in 1996 by Dan Theisen. Dan was among the first people to enter into the wood pellet grill production. Furthermore, Pit Boss grills are internationally acclaimed.

In addition to their wood pellet grills, they have other consumer-backed products. They include the Louisiana grills, which by the way, are award-winning.

The Pb850ps2 allows you to become the camp chef. By giving you an 8-1 utility freedom to grill, smoke, bake, BBQ, char-grill, braise and roast all in one cooker. In addition, it has a Pit boss 850 covers to keep in the heat.

The grill comes as a relief to the camp chefs and people who like trying new and different ways of wood pellet grilling. In addition, the Pit Boss grill brand is cost-friendly and helps you save on buying extra wood pellet smokers. This one already gives you six options. It's a Pit Boss classic.

Features of the Pit Boss Pro Series 850

● A Pit Boss Smoke It controller app - PID

● Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity

● The incredible Smoke It App

● Spacious cooking area

● Grease management system

● Side plate flame Broiler

● Large hopper capacity of 20 lb

● Crosshatch porcelain-coated iron Cast cooking grates

● Heavy-duty steel construction

● Steel front up-and-down folding shelf

● Easy pellet clean-out door

● A strong side shelf with in-built tool hooks

● A meat probe and two meat probe pots

● 180-500 degrees temperature range

● 1000-degree direct searing flame

● Automatic start-up and cooling

● Adjustable smoke stack

● Convectional cooking

● High-temperature powder-coat finish

● 8-in-1 cooking versatility

● Pit Boss Pro Series cover

Specifications of the Pb850ps2



Dimensions sq. inches


Assembled weight

164.4 lb

Color /Finish


Primary Cooking surface Area

539.15 Sq. inches

Cooking surface

Porcelain-coated iron cast

Firebox depth

849.77 inches

Firebox width

256.77 inches

Pit boss ash clean-out


Warming rack

234 sq. inches

Temperature range

180-500 degrees F

Pit boss 850 cover

Steel painted

Pit Boss Smoke It Controller


Grill Warranty

5 years limited

Design of the Pit Boss Pro Series ii 850 Grill

Latest technology

The Pit Boss 850 ps2 wood pellet grill is designed with the current digital technology. It offers you wireless connectivity, a first in these wood pellet grill models.

You can monitor and control your grills from your smart device as you sit on your couch. This option gives the camp chef the power to grill, cook, smoke, or sear. You can also control the cooking surface area from the comfort of your sitting room.

PID control board

The Pit Boss Pro Series ii smoker features the Pit Boss Smoke It controller control board. The board can be seen in these Pro series ii wood pellet grills, advanced in technology. 

They use it to control temperatures in the smoker grill evenly. To make the temperature control more effective, you can connect a replaceable RTD Pit Boss temperature probe sensor to your smoker. 

The control board shows how advanced the Pit Boss Pro series ii is compared to its competitors.

High even temperatures

The digital control board works with advanced technology to give your wood pellet smoker even temperatures for your cooking surface. They help bring out an all-natural hardwood smoke taste that you and your family and friends will love. 

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The product is compatible with both Wi-fi and Bluetooth. The compatibility gives you convenience without having to keep walking to and pro for minor changes. You use your PID control board on your smartphone for temperature control.

pit boss 850 cover

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Smoke IT app

The Pb850ps2 has the Pit Bos Smoke It app that takes your grilling experience to a new level! From controlling temperature settings to monitoring your meat probes, the App makes sure that you can do minor things with just the tap of a button or screen. Isn't that something!

Large cooking surface area

The Pit Boss 850 ps2 has eight hundred and fifty square inches of the cooking area like its name. The cooking space comprises two tiers of removable cooking grids, and ample cooking space gives you the freedom to cook two different meals. Your wood pellet cooking got better and faster than any gas grill.

Furthermore, the two cooking tiers of cooking grids are removable. They will deliver an unbeatable all-natural, hardwood-cooked, smoky taste.

Grease management system

Pit Boss 850 Pro Series ii is created with the user in mind. It is made with grease management that comes with a clean bucket that simplifies your grease disposal. 

Rather than looking for something you will use every time you need to clean your pellet grill, you have a bucket ready to catch the grease.

Side plate flame broiler

Do you have your Pit Boss running too hot? A simple side-plate flame broiler is installed to allow direct flame searing. The direct searing flame can go up to 1000 degrees F. 

So now, you can cook whatever you want on your wood pellet grill as comfortably as any charcoal grill. It is less messy too.

pit boss heat deflector mod

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Hopper capacity

The best part of this grill is that it contains a 20 LB hopper capacity. This large capacity also includes an easy Pit Boss ash pellet clean-out, resulting in a clean cooking environment. A smart home for you!

Cooking grates

The Pb850ps2 has cooking grates coated with a crosshatch porcelain iron cast. This one is precisely placed there for you that love perfect sear marks on your steak. 

That steak hits different when it has excellent visible sear marks. And you will love it.

Frame and construction

This Pit Boss pellet grill comprises heavy-duty steel grills with porcelain-coated cast iron steel grates to hold your cooking.

The Pit Boss Smoke It controller allows you to monitor your temperatures with the meat probes. The model ships with only one meat probe with an empty slot for an extra meat probe.

There are front folding shelves and one stationary shelf on the right with in-built hooks. Then a controller and pellet hopper. 

Finally, there is another enormous shelf underneath the cooking grills for your use. And you can view the hopper level through a small viewing window.


Pb850ps2 products carry a five-year warranty against defects on all parts, labor, and electrical components. The warranty does not cover damages like scratches, dents, or dings.

The main reason for not covering these minor issues in the contract is that they do not affect the performance of your Pit Boss Pro Series 850 grill. 

Customers are under parts-shipping and handling fees if they cannot provide proof of the purchase or after warranty expiration.

The warranty is based on domestic and service use of the grill. Therefore, not even limited warranty coverage applies for a grill used in commercial applications.

Pit Boss Pro Series 850 Pros & Cons


  • It has porcelain-coated steel grates for sear marks.
  • The Pro series has direct flame access.
  • It has a digital Pit Boss Smoke It controller and is thus easy to use.
  • The price is relatively user-friendly.
  • A grease bucket is available to help you avoid grease spills in your backyard.
  • The wide range of temperatures allows you a free hand in cooking with your grill.
  • The existence of the support legs gives your grill better stability.
  • A Pit Boss as clean-out for easy dis
  • Posal and change of pellets


  • The Pit Boss series has a removable burn pot, making it messier than most grills.
  • The machine is digitalized, so not suitable for everyone.

Who Is the Smoker For?

● The Pit Boss 850 Ps2 grill is good if you love smoking your meat in your backyard. 

● Do you love your smoked meat with visible sear marks and smoky-wood-fired taste? This smoker is for you.

● Are you fresh in smoking and cooking your meat on a grill that uses natural wood pellets? This smoker will serve you well.

● Finally, this Pit Boss classic grill is for seasoned meat smokers who want a digitally controlled smoker, which gives you more time to do something else.

Suitable Alternatives to the Pit Boss Pro Series 850


1. How should I start my Pit Boss Grill?

Start the grill on a smoke setting for ten minutes. It would be best to keep the lid open during these ten minutes. After that, you can close the lid. Then, you adjust the temperature to suit your favorable set point.

2. Is Pit Boss a Good Brand?

Yes. Pit Boss produces quality products and gives you a cooking experience far beyond the standard grill.

3. What pellets should I use in my Pit Boss Grill?

It would be best to use Pit Boss or Louisiana grills brands pellets for the actual performance. You can also use other brands of pellets since it is not restricted.

4. Is it okay to use my Pit Boss Grill in the rain?

You have to plug the Pit Boss Pellet grill into a 110-voltage outlet to function. You can use the grill in light rain, but it is essential to ensure all connections are not exposed since it is an electric appliance.

5. Why does my Pit Boss Grill temperature swing from its set temperature?

Your grill controls its temperature by turning on and off the auger at specific intervals. These intervals usually range between +/-25 degrees.

Raise the chimney cap as high as it can go. This action will also help regulate the temperature in the grill.

6. Why don't I see smoke coming from my Pit Boss Grill?

Wood pellets burn extremely clean. The smoke produced is a thin, bluish, almost entirely invisible smoke.

White smoke will start forming during cooking as the flame broiler gets more and more seasoned, enhancing the smoke's flavor and color.

7. How does Pit Boss Pro Series Compare With The Pit Boss Navigator Series?

The Pro Series has the PID controller, while the Navigator series doesn't. In addition, the Pit Boss sportsman and the Pit Boss Pro Series also differ in a color scheme.

8. How Do Pit boss grills compare With Traeger Ironwood grills?

Traeger grills have the latest technology. In contrast, Pit Boss grills cost less and have a five-year warranty.

9. Why is my Auger Motor stuck?

Your drill might not be moving because of an auger jam. The jam could be a result of pellets swelling inside the auger tube. It can also be because of faulty connections between the auger motor.

Wrapping Up

The pit boss 850 review gives you a view of the best experience of cooking and enjoying deliciously made food. The Pb850ps2 grill allows you to explore your cooking space. 

With an 8-1 versatility that allows you to grill, BBQ, sear, braise, smoke, bake char-grill, and roast all in one appliance, this Pit boss Pro 850 sq. inch hammer tone pellet grill has you covered.

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