Top 10 Most Famous Chefs in The World

Chefs play a crucial role in the culinary industry. After all, you will need a sumptuous meal when on vacation, when holding an event at your workplace or home, or even for those lazy or tiresome days you just don't feel like cooking.

With that in mind, in this article, I will bring to you the top 10 most famous chefs in the world who are popular, like sports icons and movie stars. 

Over the past few years, these culinary icons have revolutionalized the approaches to food and cooking globally because many beginner cooks, experts, and enthusiasts of fine dining look up to them for inspiration, advice, and cooking tips. 

These experts have earned Michelin stars, which is a testament to their skills and dedication, and so I honor them for their extraordinary expertise in cuisines. Let’s look at the profiles of these famous chefs, listed in no particular order.

1. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a British chef. Initially, he aspired to be a footballer, a passion that never bore fruit due to an injury he acquired, so he went back to college to complete a course in hotel management. 

Ramsay’s natural talent and dedication caused him to train with some of the leading chefs in the world, like Albert Roux, Marco Pierre, Guy Savoy, and Joel Robuchon.

Gordon Ramsay became the head chef at Aubergine London in 1993, and within three years, this restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars.


At thirty-five, this Michelin star chef founded his very own restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Then the restaurant quickly received the most distinguished award in the culinary universe—three Michelin stars.

Although he has received sixteen Michelin stars throughout his profession, today, Ramsay holds seven. He is currently attached to 35 classy restaurants globally and has appeared on TV in almost every part of the English-speaking world.

In 2019, Gordon Ramsay was listed among the world’s highest-paid celebrities globally on Forbes. As of 2020, his networth was estimated at $220 million, most of which comes from his famous TV shows like Master Chef, Hells Kitchen, and Kitchen Nightmares. 

2. Allain Ducasse

Allain is one of the most popular chefs in the world and an artisan and esthete of healthy eating and living well. 

Besides being known for his unmatched French cuisine, Alain Ducasse has invented innovative dining experiences that have a global impact and earned him the reputation of phenomenal cuisine.


Over the years, this famous chef has built a massive business empire, with thirty-five restaurants spread worldwide. He is also one of the only two talented chefs in the world who have gotten 21 Michelin stars throughout his profession. 

Besides his expertise in international cuisine and accolades, Ducasse is the only chef on this list who has sent his dishes to space. In 2015, he sent meals to astronauts orbiting the earth, an achievement that had great significance to him. 

3. Yannick Alleno

Yannik was born in Puteaux, just outside Paris, and spent his childhood working in kitchens of family-owned restaurants on the outskirts of Paris. At 15, he began to learn from talented chefs. 

Today, Yannick manages eighteen restaurants spread across the world. His Alleno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen is among the oldest restaurants in Paris and is a three-star rated restaurant according to French Michelin Guide 2020. In 2020, this restaurant was the most star-rated independent business worldwide.


To Yannick, it’s not all about stars. Since 2013, this French chef has been researching and developing French cuisine to the extent of starting his own culinary drive known as Modern Cuisine

As part of his study, Yannick thoroughly researched and examined sauces and even patented a technique, Extractions®. He says this process concentrates and perfects flavors, giving them texture, minerality, and a long finish. 

4. Martin Berasategui

Martin was born in San Sebastian. He trained and spent much of his life at Bodegón Alejandro, an acclaimed restaurant in San Sebastian. His relatives ran this restaurant, for which he was accorded a Michelin star. 

From age 15 to 27, he spent all his spare time in France training and gaining skills and experience.


In 1993, Martin Berasategui and his wife, Oneka Arregui, started the Martin Berasategui Restaurant in Lasarte-Oria, a few kilometers from San Sebastian. This celebrity chef has twelve Michelin stars, the highest rank among Spanish chefs in Spain. 

His career has been crowned with prestigious awards and prizes, and he has published twenty books. 

5. Pierre Gagnaire

Pierre is a French Chef and the owner and the head chef of Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. This critical chef is said to be at the front line of the fusion cuisine movement. 

Pierre started his career in St. Etienne, where he earned three Michelin stars. He tore the conventions of classic French cooking by launching jarring juxtapositions of ingredients, tastes, flavors, and textures. 

On his restaurant’s mission statement, the wish of this executive chef is to “face tomorrow while respecting yesterday.”


In Europe, the Pierre Gagnaire restaurant specializes in French cuisine. Pierre is also the head chef at Sketch in London. In 2009, he entered the United States with a new restaurant, the Mandarin Oriental, in Las Vegas and received a Forbes five-star award. 

In addition, Pierre has made several appearances in the media and even won the Best Chef in the World award in 2015. 

6. Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne Sophie Pic was born in 1969 in France. Her father was a chef, and she grew up at a restaurant owned by her family.  Her grandfather, too, was a chef, and he gained their restaurant the first three Michelin stars. 

Pic traveled around the world working at different companies, and later her passion led her to return to her family restaurant at age 23 and train under her father as a chef. Her father passed away three months later, and soon later, the restaurant lost its third Michelin star.

Pic felt devastated at the loss of their restaurant's Michelin 3, which provoked her to return to the kitchen and take charge of the restaurant though she had no culinary education. 

The restaurant regained the lost star a few years later, and Pic proceeded to open the second restaurant, Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic, in Lausanne, Switzerland, and received two Michelin stars. 

Later, she opened her La Dame de Pic restaurant in Paris, which received one Michelin star. After this, she opened several other restaurants in different parts of the world. Also, she received numerous awards as one of the world's best female chefs. 

7. Thomas Keller

Thomas Kelley is widely known for his culinary skills and excellence. He has started several restaurants that serve as great examples within the hospitality industry. These restaurants include Per Se in New York, the French Laundry in  Napa Valley, and others.

This acclaimed chef is the first and only America-born chef to hold numerous three-star ratings from the Micheline Guide. Also, he is the first American male chef to be appointed as the Chevalier of The French Legion of Honor.


In addition, Thomas has received multiple accolades and holds an honorary doctorate in culinary arts from the Culinary Insitute of America. Also, this American chef is the author of several cookbooks in print, including his latest one, The French Laundry, Per Se. 

8. Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck is a German-born chef. He is a Micheline star chef and the founder of The Order of The Knights of Italian Cuisine. 

This Italian chef spent most of his early chef life cooking in famous restaurants like Residenz Heinz Winkler in Aschau, Tantris in Munich and Tristan in Mallorca. He then came back to Rome and worked as an executive chef at La Pergola restaurant.   


Later, he managed his restaurant, Apsley’s, in London, which received a Michelin star. He then opened a new restaurant inside the Brown Hotel in London. 

Heinz has received several awards in the hotel industry and published a number of works.

9. Paco Perez

During his childhood, Paco Perez always desired to become a footballer. However, his true passion emerged at 12 when he began working at his family’s bar. From there, he began to train at various restaurants.

Today, he is among the leading Spanish chefs and top inspirations for 21st-century cuisine. In particular, Paco is well-known in the global food network for his Miramar restaurant, which has two Michelin stars and is located by the Mediterranean. 


The Miramar story is an interesting family affair. This signature restaurant was started in 1939 by Albacete and Alfons Serra as an inn with just forty-five rooms. 

Then in the 1990s, Miramar began to transform; this happened when Paco Perez fell in love with the founders' granddaughter. The two lovebirds transformed the place into a fine dining location with just five guest deluxe rooms, and growth continued.

10. Yoshihiro Murata

Yoshihiro Murata is a Japanese chef who owns four restaurants in different parts of the world and has seven Michelin stars. This culinary genius has been championing Japanese cuisine for fifty years. 

He is a third-generation owner of his family’s Kikunoi restaurant in Kyoto, where he learnt the basics and the craft of cooking. 

Yoshihiro left for France to study cooking, then returned to Japan and became a trainee at Kamome before going back to the family business. 


Later, this acclaimed chef chose to open his very own restaurant, Kikunoi Kiyamachi. Then he opened additional star restaurants, including three-star Kikunoi Honten and 2 other Michelin-starred restaurants. 

A popular chef, Yoshihiro has received numerous awards for his achievements in the hospitality industry. Also, he is the director of the Japanese Culinary Academy, which he helped establish in 2004.

Final Word

To sum it up, the above top 10 chefs have positively impacted the global hotel industry and influenced how we value delicious recipes and healthy food. 

From Gordon Ramsay’s cooking passion outburst to the Italian chef Heinz Beck, and every other chef in between and beyond, each of these cooks offers something unique.

You can observe their inspiration through their numerous restaurants, famous dishes, recipe books, countless television shows and pioneered techniques. 

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