Rec Tec rt 1250 Reviews

How do you choose your wood pellet grill? It might be challenging to decide on the best pounds of pellets. So, let me give you some tips. Then you can choose from the most effective wood pellet grills available on the market, the Rec Tec grills.

Your best smoker just got better and hotter! The electric and WIFI enable RT-1250 can now smoke, grill, sear, bake, braise and even hydrate on your meat. Furthermore, this wood pellet grill uses a digital control board algorithm for precision temperature control. All these exceptional abilities will impart that wood-fired flavour to your food. What more would you want your grill to do for you?

Follow me through these Rec Tec rt-1250 reviews for everything you need to know about this wood pellet grill. Read on.

Why Choose Rec-Tec rt-1250

If you want to upgrade your grill thrill, here is how. The Rectec smoker comes at a very pocket-friendly price. It will be a first-rate choice. If you enjoy grilling and smoking your food, you have your grill.

Since the fuel is wood, your smoked food will also have that loved wood flavor. You can't miss your way with the Rec Tec 1250.

rec tec rt-1250 review

2nd Shelf for More extensive Cooking Space

If you love smoking, then you must like the extra-large cooking space to do so. The rt-1250 has 1250 square inches of cooking space for your cooking. This means you can fit 4 briskets, 12 chickens, 170 chicken wings, and 10 baby back ribs! Space is not an issue with this pellet grill.

Moreover, the RT 1250 is upgraded with a 2nd shelf space and extra temperature range.

Compare Rec Tec to Traeger Grills

Rec Tec vs Traeger pellet grill competition has been going head to head on the manufacturing of grills for a very long time. Of course, Traeger has been in the market way longer, but with Rec-Tec's zeal to run the market, they have caught up with Traeger grills.

These two companies compare and then vary in very many aspects. Below are premium features that make the Rec Tec grills carry the day.

Ease of Operating

You need not worry about your comfort when accessing your Rec Tec 1250 grill. You can access your grill from anywhere using the Rectec app. Its smart technology makes sure you can also control it from without.

Furthermore, its high-quality stainless steel makes it incredibly durable. So, it will last a lifetime.

High Performance

Due to its high performance and precise temperature controls, the Wi-Fi-enabled wood pellet RT-1250 can handle almost any challenge. Are you looking for a neighborhood cookout or weekly meal preparations? Indoor gatherings, maybe? 

Your Rectec smoker can cook with a target temperature of as low as 180 degrees F and as high as 700 degrees F! All you need to do is to set it up to your desired temperature target or temperature range.

Build Quality

Rec Tec grills use stainless steel for every part of their grill apart from the ceramic heating rod. The stainless-steel grates enhance your smoking experience.

Rec Tec grills also get higher points because stainless steel has a higher aversion to rust. But, as to the better grill, the ball is in your court.

Cooking space

The Rec-Tec WIFI controller smoker has stainless steel grates that offer a large cooking surface. However, Chief cooking surfaces vary in Rec-Tec wood pellet grills; 702, 592, and 340 square inches of cooking area. Nevertheless, the smallest Rec-Tec grill can take a full-size turkey or three dozen burgers.

The Electric RT 1250 also comes with a detachable 2nd shelf, adding about 200 to 300 square inches of cooking space. So, are Rec Tec Grills worth the money? I would vote 'yes.'

rec tec grills

Key Features of the Rec-Tec 120 Electric Smoker

1. Digital control

According to pellet grill reviews, this is one of the best parts of this wood pellet grill. With the Rec Tec's Wi-Fi controller and superior technology, you can change the target temperature of your grill from anywhere as long as you have the rec Tec app. Thus, you can do other things without worrying about the food on the grill.

2. Integrated Removable Sliding Rack

The removable sliding rack helps in creating additional working space for you on your grill. This gives you abundant working space.

When you do not have enough food to put on the grill, the sliding rack will slide back until you need it.

3. Dual-band Wi-Fi PID Temperature Controller

Your Rec Tec 1250 is WIFI controlled. This means that as long as you have a smart device, you have precision temperature control at your fingertips. Isn't that very cool?

4. Two Meat Probes

You get to check the doneness of your cooking without opening the grill doors using the meat probes. Therefore, you will not interfere with the Stainless-steel grates or cooking temperatures by opening the smoker door while the food is still cooking.

5. Wide Temperatures Range from 180 degrees-700 degrees

This temperature range means that you can take your food slow cooking at low temperatures. Alternatively, if you want the temperatures at full blast, you have got it with this new and improved wood pellet grill.

The high level of temperature control will give you a free hand in experimenting with your Rec-Tec grills.

6. 40-hr Full Hopper Cooking

The Rectec grill is one of a kind. Which other grill do you know that can smoke, bake, or cook for 40 hours non-stop without needing to call maintenance to check if it is still running?

The 40 hours ensure that you have cooked to your heart's content and you are not worried about anything going wrong in between. Now you can indulge all your smoking wishes and try any new barbequing ideas.

rec tec smoker

7. High-Quality Materials

Is the Rec-Tec grill worth the money? You have no quality issues with your Rec-Tec smoker. The high quality includes the fact that almost everything is stainless steel.

These stainless-steel structures also enhance heat retention. In addition, there is a cooking chamber and a front folding shelf.

8. Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Heat Deflector

The electric Rec-Tec wood pellet smoker is also set with a heavy-duty cast iron heat deflector. This heavy-duty cast-iron heat deflector prevents your food from receiving direct heat. The indirect heat will then cook your food slowly to a delicious woodsmoke taste without letting it burn.

9. Stainless Steel Grates

The stainless-steel construction also comes with stainless steel grates to enhance your grilling experience. Apart from heating up quickly, this stainless-steel construction provides many inches of cooking area for you to work on.

In addition, a stainless-steel firepot makes your smoking job even easier.

10. Pellet Sensor

The Rec Tec's pellet sensor is an intelligent addition to your Rec-Tec's stainless-steel construction. You will not need to open the hopper link to check the pellets. Instead, the Rec Tec smoker pellet sensor will alert you when the pellet hopper is empty.

11. Easy Start-Up with the Push of a Button

Imagine being able to switch your grill on or off or set precise temperature controls from the comfort of your favorite chair! The Rec Tec Wi-Fi controller allows you to connect to your grill from your phone or another smart device.

Rec Tec's dual-band Wi-Fi controller enables you to operate it from the app as a smart device. Hence, they call it the Rolls Royce of the pellet smoking industry. It's got class too.

how to use rec tec grill

12. PID Technology for a Wide Range of Temperatures

The Rec Tec's PID digital control pad gives you the ease of use. In addition, it comes with a combination of accurate target temperature control. Thus, this stainless-steel construction will give you the best experience with your electric Rectec smoker.

You can host a group of people and serve them drinks as you catch up. All this you can do without worrying about burning or overcooking your food.

13. Plenty of Cooking and Grilling Space

The Rec Tec's space is big enough to fit 12 whole chickens and 170 chicken wings. This is a massive space for one grill. So, it's a spacious grill. A smoker without a large cooking space can only be compared to a cooking stove!

14. Pellet Hopper Lid

The Rec Tec's pellet hopper lid is added advantage. It will keep your grill firmly closed. In addition, the hopper back has hooks for storage when the upper grill is not in use. Trust me; this is one of the best wood pellet grills you will find on the pellet grill market.

Comparing Grilla Grills Silverbac vs Rec Tec 590

You can compare your Rec Tec 590 to the Grilla Grills Silverbac and see how favorably it ranks against other grills. However,  I will discuss this in the next article. See you there.

Specifications of the RecTec Smoker

Name of the features



56 inches


32 inches


50 inches


Rec Tec

Power source


Outer material

Stainless steel

Inner Material

Stainless steel

Fuel type

Wood pellets

Item weight

215 pounds

Assembly and Instructions

Assembling your Rectec smoker takes about 1 hour. Every necessary part for the assembly is supplied with the package that comes with it.

Rec Tec Accessories

Let's check out some of the accessories that will be handy with your Rec-Tec grill.

● Searing kit

● Cover

● Grill grates

● Pellet storage

Rectec Smoker Cleaning and Maintenance

First, use a wire brush. It will take off the food grease and build up food particles. Alternatively, use a cleaning solution to remove them. Then, vacuum-clean your grill grates, ash pan, and the whole grill.

Like any other grill, the Rec-Tec grills do not require daily maintenance, but it is essential to service them at least once a year to ensure smooth running and efficiency.

Rectec Smoker Pros and Cons


  • No actual fire making it safe
  • Large cooking area
  • 6-year warranty
  • Very user friendly
  • Dual meat-probes
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Drip pans
  • Built from quality material (stainless steel)
  • 40-pound pellet hopper (Up to 40 hours of non-stop cooking)
  • Allows you time with friends while you cook
  • Pocket-friendly price range


  • Takes time to heat up fully
  • Loses heat quickly when the grill door is open
  • Cover can be challenging to get off and on
  • Needs power source because it is electric


Rec Tec grills have a warranty of up to 6 years from the day your purchase the grill. However, the warranty covers damages in material and labor only if your Rectec smoker is subjected to residential use.

The warranty does not cover paint or any damage resulting from corrosion.

Who Needs The Rec Tec 1250 Smoker?

The Rec-Tec grill is for everyone who loves smoking in enough space. It has the ultimate versatility that draws everyone to it. With its ability to smoke, bake, sear and even dehydrate, who wouldn't want to have a run with it?

Do you like inviting the neighborhood and friends? Sometimes even close family to have a taste of the smoke-flavored foods? Then the grill is for you.

Finally, people who love comfort and bonding with friends as they smoke the delicacies will love the Wi-fi controlled Rec-Tec smoker. Its superior quality will ensure that you can operate it as you chat and catch up.

Suitable Alternatives to the Rec Tec Smoker


1. Why is there no grill in the RT-1250?

The presence of a second cooking rack does not give space for any light placements or fixings.

2. How long do pellets last in a Rec Tec smoker?

The Rec-Tec pellets burn between one to three pounds an hour depending on the set temperature on your grill and which model of Rec Tec smoker it is.

3. Where are Rec-Tec grills made?

These grills are manufactured in China, but the owners say they looked through many manufacturers before settling down on this one.

4. What does Rec-Tec stand for?

Rec Tec stands for Recreation Technology, but the company recently changed its name to Recteq since they also want to move to make outdoor products.

5. Can you use Traeger pellets in a Rec Tec grill?

Yes, you can use the Traeger pellets, which are dense and last longer. However, the Rec Tec blend is always the best pick.

Wrapping It Up

The Rec-Tec smoker gives you the opportunity for walk-through cooking from a digitally controlled grill. In addition, intelligent control lets you control it from anywhere.

Your smoker also comes with a 5-in-1 versatility which is not something you can say about all grills. Lastly, your Rectec smoker comes with a 40 lb. hopper, which allows you to slow smoke your meat overnight without worrying about smoke dying in the middle of the night. In addition, overnight cooks won't need to wake up to add pellets. Thus, this Rec Tec rt 1250 review takes on a journey through your most loved wood pellet smoker.

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