JJ George Kamado Joe Jr Table Review

Did you know that a family-run business makes the JJGeorge table with excellent customer service? In a family business, good quality is guaranteed with their brand.

The Kamado Joe custom table is assembled from locally sourced materials. The elegant Eastern Red cedar gives you a universal table for grilling. Due to its comfortable cooking height, it is an excellent choice for your Kamado Jr grill.

Let's take you on a shop JJGeorgeFurniture tour with the JJGeorge Kamado Joe Jr table reviews. You get to feel its class and style and learn why it is a 'must have' for you.

Why Choose Kamado Joe Table?

Easier for the user

The Kamado Joe Jr table has 5-star reviews on its Buyer reviews. Since the Joe Jr ceramic grill is low, it would require you to bend often during grilling. But with the Joe Jr table, you can use the grill comfortably. The Kamado Joe stand that comes with the grill is very low; hence, the recommendation for the Kamado Joe table whenever you shop JJGeorgeFurniture.

Best raw material

The Kamado Joe Jr table is made from the best raw material, the finished Eastern Red cedar. This cedar weathers very nicely and does not rot. It also has a great scent that comes with it and is naturally beautiful. No wonder users give it 5-star reviews!

Made to last

The Eastern Red Cedar acts as a pesticide because bugs naturally repel from it, thus reducing product damages.

The Eastern Red Cedar also prevails against harsh weather and will neither warp nor rot. This means that as you shop JJGeorgeFurniture, you are assured of long service. 

Professionally handmade

When you shop JJGeorgeFurniture, you will find that the Kamado Joe table is handmade in the US. The best professional craftsmen and artisans are employed to craft your Kamado Joe Jr table.

jjgeorge kamado joe jr table reviews

Features of Kamado Joe Jr Table

1. Eastern red cedar finishing

As seen earlier, the Eastern Red Cedar finishing gives your Kamado Joe table a fine touch of class. As you shop JJGeorgeFurniture, you will note that the Joe Jr table has sturdy construction with a nice finishing touch. That's why its customers give the shop JJGeorgeFurniture 5-star reviews.

2. Built to last

Shop JJGeorgeFurniture and you will also note that the hardwood used to craft your Kamado Jr table is stronger than many other types of wood. This ceramic smoker table is also tough and gives a great customer experience.

3. Hand-crafting

Your Kamado ceramic smoker table is well-constructed and beautiful. The craftmanship is durable and impeccable. Furthermore, the wood grain is excellent too. In addition, the brand has an outstanding track record in real reviews with no shipping carrier delays recorded.

At the end of any business day at Shop JJGeorgeFurniture, crafting a work of art takes into account all the finer details of your Joe Jr table. 

kamado joe table

4. Custom-made to suit customer requests

The grill table plans are formulated after numerous requests for a custom-built Kamado Joe table to fit the green egg grill. The review service came up with the idea of a custom table support for your heavy Kamado grill. Go on and get yourself a Kamado Joe Jr table stand for your ceramic smoker.

The Eastern Red Cedar lumber cedar table can stand the test of time. It will hold your 200-pound plus ceramic grill for a long time.

5. Universal table nest or heavy-duty trivet

The table nest will prevent your ceramic smoker table from being damaged by fire. It will protect your wooden table from the heat radiating from the ceramic grill. Thus, you will be able to extend your smoker table's life.

6. Safe packaging

The cedar BBQ table is packaged safely to avoid internal shipping damage as the item ships. customers agree that there are no shipping carrier delays and that it

Superbly built, your DIY BBQ table cleans easily. With its large wheels, your Kamado Joe rolling cart will make it easy for you to move it around.

7. Using the kamado joe soapstone care

With your Kamado Jr Ceramic Smoker and stand, you have the extra option of using the unique soapstone care to grill delicious food and meats.

The thick Canadian slab will also help distribute heat evenly. It is also anti-bacterial and stain-resistant.

Kamado Joe Jr Table Dimensions




23 inches


23 inches


32 inches


54 lbs.


JJ George

Frame material


Top Material Type


Assembly and Instructions

The assembly instructions for your Kamado Joe table are easy and clear. You may need an extra muscle in lifting the grill onto the cart. Watch this YouTube video.

Kamado Joe Jr Accessories

Here are some JJ George accessories to compliment your expensive table. Accessory shipping is quick and easy. The shipping fee is reasonable.

● Replacement gaskets

● Grill lights

● Chimney caps

● Bottle openers

● Kamado Joe Jr cover

● Kamado Joe Product manuals

The Kamado Joe Jr full-sized table covers are breathable and waterproof. They are also UV-treated, light in weight, and eco-friendly.

Kamado Joe CleaningClean your Kamado grill table after every use to keep both your table and ceramic grill in good condition.

Use warm soapy water to clean your Joe Jr mighty table and grill effectively. Your Kamado Jr table or ceramic grill will shine.

JJ George Kamado Table Pros and Cons


  • The Kamado Joe table is appealing
  • It is long-lasting
  • It is easy to move around
  • Accessories include light for use at night
  • It has an extra workspace for food preparation
  • A Kamado Joe Jr table cover is available for your table after staining it


  • It is a larger size table and will take a bit more space
  • You have to buy a table nest to stop your table from being damaged by heat


The company will only accept products purchased through Kamado Joe via their website www.kamdojoe.com. within 45 days. 

The merchandise should be unused, unassembled, and returned in original packaging. Include a copy of the original purchase receipt. You will receive a full refund within ten working days.

Who Needs the Kamado Joe Jr Table?

The Joe Jr wooden table is for everyone who owns a BBQ table DIY outdoor grill station. The JJ George rolling cart has a comfortable cooking height for convenience. Furthermore, this table's perfect cooking height will come in handy during long grilling sessions.

Both beginners and pros have a way of putting into place their ideas about grill table programs. The grilling pros will not stand for a Joe Jr grill without a Kamado Joe Jr table. The newbies will enjoy the JJGeorge table for beginners.

Suitable Alternatives


1. How do I find the model and serial of my JJGeorge table grill?

The serial number and model of your outdoor Kamado grill table are available in the owner's manual. This manual is included with the grill.

2. How do I reach Joe Jr customer care to find answers in product info and case of product breakdowns?

On the Contact Us page, create a customer support ticket. You will be able to reach excellent Kamado Joe customer service.

3. Where do I make my Kamado Joe Jr table purchase?

You can purchase your item JJGeorge or any other Kamado Jr products through their website www.kamdojoe.com. Additionally, you can buy any item JJGeorge from independent retailers worldwide.

4. How do I register my warranty?

Visit the Kamado Jr Registration page and register your Kamado Joe item for warranty. You will need your original receipt copy, so be sure to keep your physical receipt safe.

Wrapping It Up

The JJGeorge Kamado Joe Jr table reviews take you on a journey through the experiences of super table legs with wheels for mobility. Your JJGeorge Jr rolling cart has plenty of workspaces and will transform your grill into a mobile unit with large wheels. You will enjoy your grilling experience.

Moreover, your Kamado Joe Jr table is made from the finest Red Cedar wood. Therefore, it will last you decades and save you money and resources. Furthermore, you are assured of a quick shipping of your grilling table.

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