Cooking Quiz for Beginners

Cooking Quiz for Beginners

Are you a new cook? If so, take this quiz to see how ready you are for the amazing cooking experiences ahead.

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Cooking Quiz for Beginners

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Which of these is a great way of serving pasta?

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What is true about what you get from a minced product?

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What do you do when a pot starts to boil over?

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How do you prepare the waffle maker before adding batter?

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When slicing food on the counter, where should your other hand be?

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What should you use to make pancakes?

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How do you prepare bread dough?

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Which of these is a good substitute for real sugar?

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Is it true that placing a wooden spoon over a pot can help stop the pasta from boiling over?

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Which of these is a slow-cooker brand?

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Which of these is not a way of cooking meat?

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A ladle is used in serving soup.

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What can you use to take excess water out of pasta?

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What would you use to remove the skin of a vegetable?

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When making a cocktail, pour the ingredients into a?

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